Thursday, May 26, 2022




Ladies! I have a hot new shoe that will run out of stock quickly. A new trend—and essential one, for that matter—is the square-toed shoe. Let’s go shopping!

Square-toed shoes are a fancy and hip new style. Sold at major name brands like Neiman Marcus, Target, DSW, and ASOS, this shoe can be flat or heeled. We love a shoe that comes full-circle in stylistic choices.


“Truffle Collection square toe mule heel sandals in white,” ASOS

Admire the summer sun shining down on your feet with a square-toe thong sandal. This look is going to take over the shoe market this summer. Options include a low heel, high heel, chunky heel, and flat bottom. Which one will you choose?

According to the Editorialist’s summer 2021 shoe advice column, you should consider a flat square-toe sandal. This is a style that is chic, breathable, trendy, and perfect for all times of the day. The shoe comes in all colors and sizes. 

@Aimeesong posed in a white version of the fashionable flat square-toe sandal in Los Angeles, California, pairing the shoe with an iconic open-legged sundress. This style will look fabulous on you, too!

@aimeeesong, Instagram

Since 2020 was a touch-and-go year with the evolving pandemic, we think this shoe is just as chic this summer as last. Daniel Lee shocked the fashion market with a suitable square-toed low heel. This pair has a leather base and an authentic ʼ90’s look covering the midfoot. 


We have also found budget options for you. Lulu’s is selling adorable square-toed shoes for $25-$68 before tax. On the other hand, Aldo’s is marketing the shoe for $60 to $95. Luckily this square-toe shoe is sold throughout most major brands, so you can definitely find the best price for you.

Now, go buy a pair. I know people in my family who will be wearing this authentically beautiful shoe. Will you be the next person to take on the trend?