Thursday, May 26, 2022




Teuta Matoshi, the Kosovar fashion designer known for her ability to create princess-like dresses of an eccentric nature, is this month’s designer spotlight. Her fabrications and original designs have captured the eye of fashionistas of all ages, especially those fascinated by the “cottagecore” aesthetic, a lifestyle that celebrates ideas of simplicity and traditional skills.

Teuta Matoshi on T7 Television Channel

The last name “Matoshi” may sound familiar due to designs created by Lirika Matoshi, the younger sister of this month’s spotlight. Lirika is admired as a stylist in her own right but achieved mass acclaim in mid-2020 when her famous “Strawberry Dress” reached high demand. 

In early August of 2020, when the dress received mass approval on multiple social media platforms, an article by Vogue commented on its popularity citing, “Model Tess Holliday wore a custom version of it to the Grammys in January, she referred to the look as ‘If Strawberry Shortcake & Lana Del Rey had a baby.’… When the coronavirus hit, Matoshi was prepared for a decrease in sales for her frothy, fabulous fashion. And yet against all the odds, sales went up as the dress gained popularity. Admittedly, Matoshi has gifted the dress to influencers and celebrities, but this fervor seems greater than the average PR-generated buzz. Google searches for ‘strawberry dress’ have spiked in July [2020] and early August [2020]. It’s currently the best-selling item from Matoshi’s collection, along with the coordinating mask.”

When viewing the designs of both sisters, it is clear they both take their inspirations from whimsical elements. However, the uniqueness of each sister is found in the outcomes of their artistic designs, allowing the individual Matoshi brands their own audiences and respect. 

Disney Princess x Lirika Matoshi Collection for Cinderella, Lirika Matoshi

While Teuta Matoshi–our designer spotlight–brings a more regal and elegant look to her designs, Lirika Matoshi’s fabrications have more trendy and eccentric values. Teuta also uses traditional patterns, as well as materials such as florals, pearls, and lace, while Lirika uses tulle and sequins to create real-life illusions in her art. Lirika has had more viral success for individual dresses while Teuta’s adornments are often lined up one after the other in many “dresses to wear while running down a castle hallway” Pinterest boards.

“Princess Bow Dress,” Lirika Matoshi

The feminine theme Matoshi strives to emit in her designs is clear in this iconic masterpiece known as the “Rosy Dame Gown.” The design released in the fall/winter season of 2018 is an A-line style dress with a baby pink color. It is made of tulle and is embellished by hand with pearls, flowers, crystals, and unique floral details. The regal energy emitted from the gown is mostly easily caused by the neckline, which is adorned in floral elements, and the sleeves, which were designed in a bishop sleeve style.

“Rosy Dame Gown,” Teuta Matoshi

By far the most popular and easily recognized design on this list, the “Blossom Essence Gown,” created in the fall/winter season of 2018, is a dress that seems to have emerged straight from the closet of a Disney princess. Similar to the Rosy Dame Gown, this dress was hand-embroidered with colorful floral details. However, the Blossom Essence Gown uses Havana cream as its base color, was made in a traditional ball gown style, and includes a seductive open leg cut. The dress simply demands attention.

“Blossom Essence Gown,” Teuta Matoshi

The “Timeless Rose Gown” creates its own honest review within its very name: timeless. Fabricated in the spring/summer fashion season of 2020, the gown is made of taffeta fabric in a pearlescent rose hue, holds delicate buttons from the bust down to the open leg slit, and–once again similar to the Rosy Dame Gown–features long puffed sleeves resembling a bishop sleeve style. 

As stated in the design’s description, this dress will make you “Get lost in wonder in a fragrant hanging rose garden. The style “evokes glamour and romance from another time.”.

“Timeless Rose Gown,” Teuta Matoshi

When looking at Matoshi’s latest release, one can’t help but imagine sitting in a garden of wildflowers in the front yard of an old, yet charming, cottage. The daisies, peonies, and daffodil details, as well as other elements inherited from Mother Earth, create an ethereal lookbook fit for a variety of occasions.

As for the future of the Teuta Matoshi brand, we expect her to continue to follow the fashion seasons by releasing a collection in the fall/winter as well and one in the spring/summer. Matoshi has also been known to release a yearly bridal collection that appears to be just as elegant and fantastical as every other one of her collections available to the public.