Thursday, May 26, 2022




Ahoy from the East and West Coast seas. Come aboard for a spectacular yacht party with some unique style. 2021 has been a year of firsts and lasts, so what is the first style we are going to see on the seas? Come along and find out!

Basic but not bland is the first rule of clothing aboard the S.S. Summer 2021. A fashion statement speaks a million words and apparently, so do stripes. Similar to the prideful colors celebrating LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity month, people love to see linen, cute, breathable and flowy clothing.

Ditch the heels and save those for the club. Onboard, flats are an appropriate must. 

Whether you’re on the rocky waves or the calm shore, you should always be ready to dive in. Bring a bathing suit! 

Here are 3 Do’s and Don’t before you explore the beautiful seas. 



  1. Wear flip-flops.
  2. Wear ripped or revealing clothing. Save that for the clubs. Pretend Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Joe are with you!
  3. You should not wear undershirts that are visible to the human eye. These pieces should flow perfectly with your color scheme. 


  1. Wear comfortable clothing that is casual but stunning.
  2. Dress business casual, as if you were attending a Friday lunch in downtown Los Angeles or Chicago.
  3. Plan in advance. Decide your outfit days, not hours, beforehand.


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Most importantly, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses will seal off the look stunningly. Ray-ban offers a wide variety of sunglasses such as aviators, bridge, classics, round fleck, and color mix. Definitely go into any store and see what fits prim and properly to your facial features. I personally love the round with a bridge, so hip and fresh! All of these choices by Ray-Ban sunglasses are available across most shopping platforms and will last more than one summer! 

This yacht look may not be cheap, but your outfit can be worn more than once. Don’t worry about how much you could spend, as long as you know that the outfit can be worn again and again for summer days, years, and seasons to come.


To be totally clear, the outfit should be easy, breathable, bold, elegant, and neutral. A perfect example is a linen shirt with khaki pants or shorts plus a clean Birkenstock shoe for men. For women, a sundress, wide-brim hat, and easy-to-walk-in flats. 

Have fun aboard and make sure to snap a pic for your summer memory book!