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Every good artist needs to have the light shine on them so others can know who they are and why they should know about them. Artist Audee Jarvis is one of those artists.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I have developed a sound that can not be put into a box; therefore, I consider my music to be open and available to all ears willing to listen. I aspire to create music with a purpose that gives my listeners a reason to dance and vibe. I aim to channel emotions that are easily vocalized or expressed.

When did you discover your love for music and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

My exploration for music began around the age of 6. The worldly influences I witnessed and personally experienced from artists like Tupac, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston only deepened my passion for pursuing a musical career. I know my words have the power to influence many lives as well.

What is your creative process like?

I will not create anything I do not receive naturally. My vibes and emotions determine my sound.

What are some of your greatest challenges as an artist, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

Balance can present itself as a challenge. Aspiring to create music to make a difference can be offset by reality. Day to day life may tip the scale and throw me off balance. But I take pride in my determination, motivation, and positive state of mind. The attribute to person I am continuously working to maintain.

What impression would you like listeners to be left with after hearing your music?

Relief, happiness, and understanding. No topics are left off the table, I aim to create for all people.

What are your current thoughts of the “State of the Music Industry?”

Based on what is presented today in the industry there are no clear definitions to determine how to be successful in the industry. The focus is about who is creating a sound that can connect, regardless of the platform. The varying range of sounds have expanded, therefore widening the audience.

Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind, what do you want your legacy to be?

I hope to leave behind the message, “No dream is too big to pursue” and “Don’t be afraid to follow the passions that burn within you”. Not everyone may understand your journey but live your life without the need of their validation.

What are your plans for the near future?

I look forward to continuing my growth in being an activist within the many communities I consider myself apart of, developing and being more involved in community projects, and creating more outreaches through my sound.

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