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Which Glass Animals Song To Listen To Based On Your Mood


There’s a Glass Animals song for any mood you might be in. 

Glass Animals was started by Dave Bayley, a medical student at Kings College who wrote songs on his computer when his insomnia kept him awake. He shared his work with some of his childhood friends, and they started the band while still in college. They came up with their name by choosing random words out of the dictionary. What’s unique about their music is that it utilizes elements from multiple genres to create new and experimental sounds. Their songs are incredibly complex and have multiple layers of instrumentation, creating an immersive, almost sensory overload experience for the listener. The wide range of topics their lyrics cover means that there’s a song for pretty much any mood you’re in.

For when you’re trying to sleep:Dreamland

“Dreamland” literally sounds like, well, a dream. Long connected phrases, low bass tones, mallet percussion, and plenty of echoes create the perfect sound environment for relaxation. Listen to the lullaby motifs, and let them lull you to sleep. 

For when you’re jamming in the car on the way home from work:Tangerine

It’s impossible to listen to this song and not tap your toe to the beat. The combination of the bass, synth accompaniments, and peppy beats create a perfect storm needed for an all-out banger. After you hear it, it will most definitely get stuck in your head.

For when you’re feeling alone and sad:It’s All So Incredibly Loud” 

In an Instagram post about the song’s release, lead singer Dave Bayley said, “This entire song is about only three seconds of life. I think most people have been in a position where they have to say something to someone that they know is going to devastate them and change their life forever. It’s about the silence between those words leaving your mouth, and their reaction as those words register and the full weight rolls over them…until they say something back.” This is the perfect song for getting in your feels.

For when you’re trying to heal a broken heart:Heat Waves

Although this song is packed with layers of high-intensity instrumentation, the lyrics are fairly depressing. In a statement on Twitter, the band said the song “is about realizing you can’t make everyone happy. and realizing it’s ok to be defeated by something.” Strategically placed bouts of silence and bass drops add extra tension and emotion, creating a piece of music that will really get you in your feels. 

For when you’re vibing alone on the couch:Helium

This song is great because it’s actually more like three different songs in one. 

High notes and vocals create an ethereal feeling that makes it seem like you’re floating among the clouds. Fitting, seeing as the name of the track is Helium. Close your eyes and let yourself be immersed in the soundwaves. 

For when you’re angry:Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The song is incredibly dark and depressing despite its dance-like qualities. According to Apple Music Editor’s Notes, the song was written about an almost school shooting that was planned out by one of Bayley’s childhood friends. Pulsing bass notes and brooding lyrics make this the perfect thing to listen to when you’re mad at the world. 

For when you want to rock out:Tokyo Drifting” 

This song may start out slow, but boy does it escalate quickly. The gigantic change in style halfway through will surprise you even if you’ve heard it a thousand times. The horn and drum feature is awesome, to say the least, and Denzel Curry’s feature is nothing short of spectacular. This is the perfect song for jumping up and down and rocking out.