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Easy, breezy Black women have been founding makeup companies for centuries, starting with Madame C. J. Walker, who’s recorded as the first self-made millionaire in the US thanks to her makeup brand. Keep that trend growing by supporting these Black businesses that’ll keep you looking 100. 

Pholk Beauty

What’s up with your skin? Too dry? Ingrown hairs? Or, are you just suffering from the unending blight of maskne? 

Whatever your skin needs, Pholk Beauty has it. The brand’s products are filled with goodness, too; each product is natural and made of ingredients that are consciously sourced. Pholk Beauty aims to empower Black herbalists and customers by making them feel good in their skin. 

GlowUp Mask with Apple + Hibiscus – $15


Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Eu’Genia sells completely natural shea butter moisturizers. The organization prioritizes sustainability, both for the environment and for people. Eu’Genia supports female farmers in Ghana and goes the extra mile by donating 15% of its profits to an education fund for them. 

Oh, and the brand’s butters are great, too. For the real shea experience, order yourself a tin from Eu’Genia. 

Everyday Strength Shea Butter – $15


Struggling to find a nude lipstick? Mented Cosmetics aims to solve that problem. What started as a mission to create shades that fit any lip grew into a full beauty business, complete from brow to nail. 

Get started with Mented’s shade-finder quiz to discover your perfect nude lipstick. Then post a pic on Instagram and tag @mentedcosmetics to show off your classic look.

Matte Lipstick – $18


As more and more is exposed about the cruelties of animal-tested and animal-derived makeups, it’s becoming easier to make the switch to vegan brands. If you’ve been thinking about making that change, look to Axiology. 

The brand’s plant-friendly makeups come in sustainable packaging and are a little more than your usual lipstick. Grab one of Axiology’s Balmies to use on your lips, cheeks and eyelids. 

Balmie Crayon – $14

Aeva Beauty

What do you do when something’s important? You highlight it. For a range of fun highlighters that can be put anywhere, check out Aeva. 

A hot pink shade will add spunk to your night out,  gold colors will give you that perfect sun-kissed look for your next insta pic and a brownie highlighter is perfect for your subtle everyday style. If you love the look, check out Aeva’s eyeshadows, too. 

Cashmere Highlighter – $15

Beauty Bakerie

If you’re looking for something fun, Beauty Bakerie is the place to go. The brand’s sweets-themed products make scrolling through its website akin to shopping for candy. The Bakerie has everything, from foundation to setters to mascara to lip whips. 

Any product from this brand would make the perfect graduation gift for a young woman and serve as a fun way to introduce her to the world of makeup. If you’re feeling hungry, have some breakfast in bed—eyeshadow, that is. 

Breakfast in Bed Eyeshadow Palette – $38

241 Cosmetics

For the days that you don’t feel like going all out, you’ll need products that give you a classic look. That’s the goal of 241 Cosmetics. 

A dab of gloss, a line of eyeliner, and a while in front of the mirror can give you a timeless look that works just as well in the office as it does at the bar. Even better, the whole look comes in just one box. 

Queen Essentials – $80