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Pampered Pets: Dos and Donts



You look beautiful, but what about your pet? A trip to the groomers could give your furry friend a new ‘do, or a colorful style. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to pamper your pet, or you’re doing some safety research before you dive in, we’ve got some advice on pet styling. 

Unfortunately, most of the ways we fancify our furry friends aren’t great for them. But, there are ways to do it that are usually safe and comfortable for your pet. Of course, this will vary from animal to animal, and it’s always important to gauge their reaction to their new outfits. After your companion has their new style, keep a close eye on them. If they’re hiding, licking or scratching, freezing up, or showing any signs of discomfort or embarrassment, let them go au-natural again and make sure not to do it again. Remember: Your pet’s safety is more important than their style. 

Dressing Up

If you’re looking to keep your pet up with the trends, the easiest thing to do is buy them a new outfit. The options in pet clothes are costumes are unlimited- if you can think of it, someone out there is willing to make it, or likely already has. If your pet is comfortable wearing outfits, then who’s to stop you from buying them another one? Just make sure that it isn’t keeping them from being theirself, and that it isn’t going to make them hot. A dog bikini may seem like a good idea, but do they really need the extra layer when it’s 70 degrees outside? Instead, think about a winter coat for short haired animals in the winter, or a simple fancy collar. If it’s a special occasion, your pet might not mind being in a costume for a few hours, but make sure they get positive attention and plenty of treats, and only keep them in it if they’re happy. If you have a cat, this may not be the way to go.

For some pets, a little dress up is a great idea. Did you know that wild sea urchins will hold shells to block out harmful sun rays? If you happen to have sea urchins in your aquarium, consider buying them an array of silly hats for them to “wear” and protect themselves with. 

Fur Dyes

As fun as it sounds, dying your pet’s fur is highly controversial. Most experts agree that fur should not be dyed frequently, that the dyes should be made for pets and be all-natural, and that it should only be done by professional groomers. Otherwise, you run the risk of harming your furry friend with harsh chemicals. If you have a pet with light fur and you want to give them a splash of color, try using vegetable juices, and limit how frequently you deck them out to once or twice a year. 


The verdict is in: We need to stop shaving pets. For cats, it’s just a bad idea. They get embarrassed and upset. For dogs, we often mess up their natural heating and cooling system. Dogs will either have a single or double coat of fur, meaning that they will have either a single type of fur, or two layers of denser and lighter fur overlapping. If you have a double coated dog, which includes most breeds, never shave them. They become unable to regulate their body temperature, the fur grows back incorrectly, and you run the risk of giving them a sunburn. If you talk with a vet and they agree that your pet would benefit from a little less fur, clip it to be no shorter than an inch. 

Giving your pets haircuts can be fun, but make sure you have the right pet first. Some dogs with long fur are able to change up their hairstyle in ways that benefit them, like keeping hair out of their eyes. But for most pets, the clippers are nothing but bad news. 

Nail Polish

After a list of don’ts, here’s a do. If your pet will let you, paint their nails! There’s only one condition: Similar to fur dyes, there are nail polishes made specifically for pets. Never use human nail polish on your pet. They contain harmful chemicals that can make your companion seriously ill if ingested. But, there are plenty of paw-fect polishes out there that you can go wild with. Try one of the four colors made just for pets at Piggy Paint to get started. When you’re painting their nails, make sure to give your buddy lots of treats, sweet talk, and pets to keep them from squirming. 


Et voila! Go forth and find the perfect pamper for your pet- even if it means they’re perfect the way they are.