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Underrated TikTokers Who Are All About Self Love


Some Positive TikTok Content

Elements of social media have been known to be toxic, such as the constant editing, the filters and the posing. Everything you deem as an imperfection can be erased by tapping a button on a screen. 

As a society, we post these edited pictures and see them so often that we are unsure of what is real and what is not. We beat ourselves up if we don’t feel like we look as good as the chic influencers. 

This makes TikTokers who promote self-love and positive energy so important; their mission is to remind people that everyone is beautiful. To bring a positive influence to your “For You Page”, check out these underrated trendsetting creators who are clapping back at  the insecurities many of us have. 

  1. @maleahwhitten 

Maleah Whitten is a Hawaii-based TikToker who creates videos promoting body confidence. Whitten also creates YouTube videos where she vlogs her life in Hawaii  as a military wife and discusses body confidence. Whitten’s videos and TikToks are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

CREDIT: Maleah Whitten – YouTube

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2. @ taylorcassidyj  

Not only does the witty and entertaining Taylor Cassidy promote good energy via her TikToks, but she also makes Black History educational videos as well. Cassidy reminds the members of her audience that they are beautiful, and her informative videos are a must-see for everyone. 

CREDIT: The Teen Mag

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3. @dexrated 

Dexter Mayfield is a dancer and a plus-size model who is killing the game. In an interview after walking his first runway show, Mayfield said, Plus women have had that platform, and a few of my plus sisters in drag have been able to get that platform, but no one with a male aesthetic has had that opportunity.” 

Mayfield is all about promoting the expansion of male beauty. His TikToks are energetic and spread superb vibes. 

CREDIT: Boohoo Man


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4. @jennierunk  

Jennie Runk is a size fourteen model who is constantly showing how her body looks naturally without posing or filters, emphasizing to her audience members that their bodies are normal. 


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5. @realchelseabear  

Chelsea Bear is an advocate for cerebral palsy and stresses inclusivity on her channel. She brings awareness to cerebral palsy and educates her audience on what it is like to live with the disease. Her bright smile and positive attitude will make your day. 


CREDIT: Chloe Bear / Courtesy

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