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Black Girl Approved Skincare Brands



Summer is quickly approaching, ladies! That means that it’s time to get your skincare routines together to ensure fresh, hydrated and radiant skin. With that being said, we Black women have a much harder time finding skincare products that work with our skin and actually boost its appearance. 

Oftentimes we have to be cautious of products that try to artificially lighten our skin, chemically damage it or flat out don’t work for our skin tone. Luckily, there has been a recent influx in Black-owned skincare brands that know how to formulate melanin-friendly products made with natural ingredients that will leave our skin feeling happy and healthy.  


If you need help curating your skincare routine, Mele has you covered from beginning to end. This company encourages three simple steps—Refresh, Enhance, Protect—and it has a product catered to each one.

Mele’s refresh and enhanced products have been fan favorites. The brand provides Truly everything you need for a beginner skincare routine!

To refresh, Mele offers the EVEN Tone Post Cleanse Tonic to reduce dark spots and the GENTLE Hydrating Cleansing Gel to remove excess dirt, makeup and oils. To enhance, the EVEN Dark Spot Control Serum reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and the SMOOTH Pore Minimizing Serum mattifies skin and reduces the texture. 

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Unsun Cosmetics

We Black women have had a complicated relationship with sunscreen. For the longest time, we were told that we didn’t need it, and then, when we finally realized how much of a necessity it is, we had the issue of typical sunscreens leaving a ghostly white cast on our faces. Thankfully, Unsun Cosmetics has come in to save the day—and our skin. 

Unsun specializes in Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, which is a product that protects your skin from the sun while also giving you a sheer, bronzed tone to instantly even out your complexion. For days when you want to hit the beach, check out the Bronze Goddess Face and Body Highlighter SPF 15 to get that shimmery glow. 



What better place to get buttery, smooth skin than Buttah? Buttah offers skincare products for both your face and your body. 

Its CocoShea Cream is infused with African rich butters, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E, which are all ingredients that help your skin be naturally radiant, even and velvety. Buttah also offers Charcoal Detox Masks, toners, serums and even a cleanser that comes with its own vibrating facial brush. 

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Buttah has a Customizable Skincare Kit that allows you to test out different products catered to your skin type.   


The Afro Skin and Hair Co.  

Just like the brand mentioned above, The Afro Skin and Hair Co. is working double time by providing products for both your skin and hair. This skincare brand focuses on utilizing natural oil serums that promote rejuvenation and growth as well as Hydrating Floral Mists to refresh skin throughout the day. 

Its Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil targets acne and other blemishes while maintaining your skin’s natural functions. The ingredients include black currant seed oil to reduce inflammation and dry skin, frankincense to reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation while evening out your skin and hazelnut oil to heal and renew your skin. 

As for haircare, Afro Skin and Hair Co. has a Totally Nourishing Hair Butter and an Omega Healthy Hair Oil that both targets dry and brittle hair and promotes moisture and growth. These products can be used on all hair types from natural to relaxed and even locs. 


As you can see, there are a variety of options for Black women to choose from when deciding what skincare products work with our unique skin type. We don’t have to accept the bare minimum from mainstream brands that don’t have a connection to what our skin actually needs. There are hundreds of different Black-owned skincare brands not mentioned here, so be sure to seek out and find one that works perfectly for you!