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America’s Return to Normal


How the Biden plan can end the COVID-19 pandemic by July

After the COVID-19 pandemic crippled our economy and society early last year, the American people witnessed a failed attempt by the previous administration to combat the deadly virus. An ugly trend of increased cases and deaths carried through election season and into the hands of current-President Biden.

Can we be rid of the virus altogether?

Scientists agree that we can end the COVID-19 pandemic, but a majority of scientists believe it will never truly go away. It will lack most of the severity it holds now, and will most likely become a seasonal endemic. Influenza went through a similar progression, starting as a pandemic in 1918 that took the lives of 50 million people. Scientists also believe it could become a culprit for childhood illness years down the line; although, unlike the flu, it won’t cause the population to need vaccination once a year like the flu, since it doesn’t evolve quickly.

CREDIT: Nature Survey

Biden’s Plan

Biden clearly stated in his run for office that he planned to trust the science and to streamline the processes for testing and vaccination. Since his inauguration in January, he’s done just that. Nearly 40 percent of Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and nearly 25 percent have received both doses.

He’s proposed efforts for more testing and better data, streamlining vaccination efforts, ensuring inclusive testing for all Americans, and rejoining the fight with other nations to combat the virus on a global scale. His plan covers a lot of ground with a total shift from the response of the Trump administration, and aims to return to normalcy as fast as possible.

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The President has been optimistic with the timeline of his plan. This recent March, President Biden hinted that we could return to normalcy in time to celebrate Independence Day this July.

Scientific Concerns

Shortly after taking office, Biden released his 200-page coronavirus plan, placing science at the forefront to combat the virus. Enhancing testing, tracing, and vaccinations are good, but there are concerns unaddressed by the Biden plan.

The Biden plan aims to increase CDC visibility for coronavirus updates, but no other part of the plan aims to stop the spread of misinformation surrounding the virus. Winning the information battle is critical to Biden’s ambitious plan.

Other concerns include testing and how to address testing in communities that lack transportation to testing sites. Communities hit hardest by the virus need testing the most, but many bear responsibilities stopping them from getting tested. Some recommend setting up a plan for in-home testing.

Photo by Nathan Denette – The Canadian Press

The Biden plan is ambitious, but it needs to delve further into detail over the concerns scientists have noticed to be truly complete. The holes need to be addressed and the Biden plan needs to become more well-rounded if the hope of returning to normalcy by July can become reality.