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10 Perfect Summer Reads


Wondering what to read poolside or at the beach? Look no further.

“The UnHoneyMooners”

Christina Lauren 

Genre: Romance 

If you are looking to be transported to Hawaii, this rom-com is for you. “The UnHoneyMooners” follows Olive Torres, a notoriously unlucky woman who is the maid of honor in her twin sister Ami’s wedding. When Ami and her husband cannot go on their honeymoon, they offer Olive and best man Ethan their trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, Olive and Ethan just so happen to be enemies. How will the two cope with being together for ten days in Maui? 

“Ocean Prey”

John Sandford 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller 

When an off-duty Coast Guardsman witnesses a suspicious boat in the water, he alerts the Coast Guard, unaware that he is sealing the fate of three of his fellow colleagues. When the responding Coast Guardsmen approach the boat, they are shot and killed; the murderers flee the scene. The newest release by John Sandford follows the nail-biting investigation that takes place on the Miami coastline.  

“Beach Read” 

Emily Henry

Genre: Romance 

Literary fiction author Augustus Everett has hit a wall. So has romance writer January Andrews. The two authors, living in beach houses next door to each other for the summer, decide to switch genres in an effort to combat writer’s block. By taking day trips to locations for inspiration and giving one another advice, the two become close. But how close do the two become? 

“The Guest List” 

Lucy Foley 

Genre: Mystery 

Set off the coast of Ireland on a gorgeous secluded island, wedding guests come to celebrate the union of a couple. The wedding is stunning and the reception commences. Champagne is being poured, people are dancing, but things quickly start to go downhill. A storm begins and secrets are revealed. When the night can’t seem to get any worse, someone ends up dead. 

Who is dead? And who killed them? 

“The Night Swim” 

Megan Goldin 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller 

Rachel Krall is the host of the hugely popular true crime podcast “Guilty or Not Guilty.” For the upcoming season of her podcast, Rachel heads to beachtown Neapolis, North Carolina to observe the trial of a controversial rape case. While at a rest stop on the way to Neapolis, Rachel sees a letter on her car from a loyal listener named Hannah who has recognized her. In the letter, Hannah begs Rachel to investigate her sister’s murder that happened twenty-five years ago. Rachel, already swamped with the rape trial, unofficially takes on Hannah’s sister’s case. What will Rachel uncover? Who in Neapolis has something to hide? 

“Big Summer”

Jennifer Weiner 

Genre: Contemporary Literary Fiction 

What would you do if your ex-best friend contacted you after six years of not speaking, to ask you to be her maid of honor? That is what happens to Daphne Berg when Drue Cavangh begs Daphne to be a part of her wedding. Taking place at a mansion in Cape Cod, this book explores the meaning of friendship and forgiveness. 


“The Vanishing Half” 

Brit Bennett 

Genre: Historical Fiction/Family Drama

“The Vanishing Half” follows the story of the identical-twin Vignes sisters. Growing up in an all-black neighborhood and running away at sixteen together, their lives take very different paths in adulthood. One of them returns to the town she once fled and lives with her black daughter, while the other passes for white, not even telling her white husband or daughter about her past. But what happens when their children’s stories intersect? This novel takes place over a period of different timelines within the fifties and sixties and will leave you in awe. 


“The Last House Guest” 

Megan Miranda 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller 

Taking place on the coast of Maine, this thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. For the last ten years, local Littleport, Maine resident Avery Greer has kept a close friendship with seasonal vacationer Sadie Loman. Every summer they have been attached at the hip, but everything changes one year. Sadie is found dead and although it is ruled a suicide, whisperers around town believe that Avery might be involved. Wanting to clear her name and any suspicions, Avery has to dive deeply into what exactly happened to Sadie. 

“People We Meet On Vacation”

Emily Henry 

Genre: Romance 

For lovers of “Harry Met Sally,” this one’s for you. Friends from college Poppy and Alex could not be any more different. She’s a risk taker, he’s a bit timid. She loves a good party, while he would rather stay in. Ever since graduating from college, the two don’t spend much time with one another, except for the one week every year that they carve out to go on vacation together. Unfortunately, everything went up in smoke during the last vacation they went on and the two haven’t spoken since. When Poppy begs Alex to go on one more vacation together, hoping to make things right between them, they have to face one another. 

“Malibu Rising” 

Taylor Jenkins Reid 

Genre: Literary Fiction 

This upcoming release is set in sunny California in 1983. “Malibu Rising” Malibu Rising follows the famous and glamorous Riva siblings and the events that happen on the night of their annual summer party. Everyone has a secret they are hiding. With an outrageous party coming to a peak and familial relationships being tested, how will this family change after this night concludes? All we know is the next morning, the house is on fire. “Malibu Rising” Malibu Rising comes out on June 1, 2021. 

“Such a Fun Age”

Kiley Reid 

Genre: Coming of Age 

“Such a Fun Age”Such a Fun Age follows the aftermath of when black babysitter, Emira, is falsely accused of kidnapping the white child she babysits, Briar.  The reader follows the perspective of both Emira Tucker, the black babysitter, and her white employer Alix Chamberlain. The novel is spectacularly written and addresses relevant topics such as race and privilege. 

“Take a Hint, Dani Brown” 

Talia Hibbert 

Genre: Romance 

Talia Hibbert’s “Take a Hint, Dani Brown follows Dani Brown, a PhD student who is bold and confident. Dani isn’t the relationship type and is searching for a friend-with-benefits relationship. When a workplace fire drill turns serious, security guard Zafir Ansari rescues Dani. Let’s just say that’s all you need to know.  

Felix Ever After

Kacen Callender 

Genre: Fiction 

“Felix Ever After” is a young adult novel that has rave reviews. The story follows transgender  seventeen-year-old Felix Love. Though Felix’s last name is Love, he has never been in love. While enrolled at a summer art school in New York City, Felix has an incredible journey of self discovery, finding love, and remembering his self worth.