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It’s undeniable that Marriage has its own set of pros and cons, but the best part about it is the preparation for the wedding day. Each country has its wedding traditions. Weddings in Asia differ from weddings in Africa.  

In the 21st century, we rely heavily on social media platforms to know more about different cultures and customs. Through Tiktok, you can virtually attend a wedding and see how people from other continents celebrate this big day. In this article, we will shed light on the top wedding traditions.  


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While it seems a good idea that Indonesian culture forces newly married couples to stay at their home for three days, it’s kind of surprising that it prohibits them from using the bathroom during this period. It is said that the main aim of this practice is to strengthen the bond between the couple. 


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In India, the bride should get something similar to Tattoos, called “Henna” on her body. It’s widespread in other cultures, especially in the Egyptian culture. During the Bachelorette party, girls gather to dance and celebrate their friend’s marriage while getting Henna all over their hands and legs.  


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While it seems a strange idea, The Spanish culture finds it very lovely to wear black dresses and suits in their wedding  to symbolize “till death do us part.” 


In Chinese culture, the bride wears three dresses instead of one. The first one is red because it is considered a lucky color in Beijing’s culture. The second is white; the bride looks like a queen in an American wedding. The third one can be a cocktail of different colors; it all depends on the bride herself’s preferences.       

The Philippines

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The groom is the one responsible for the wedding’s payment. The bride and the groom should wear white, and it’s prohibited for the bride to try on the dress before her marriage; it’s considered a bad omen.


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Some of the most exciting weddings are in Greece. In addition to the lovely Greek songs, the guests pin money onto the bride, and after the celebration, dishes are smashed on the floor with choruses of “opa” for good luck.  


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Like the Indian culture, the bride gets the Indian version of Tattoos, namely Henna, all over her body. The wedding itself differs from one social class to another, but what is typical between a wedding in the Sahel and a wedding in Cairo is the Music itself. If you follow Egyptian Tiktokers or influencers, then you have definitely heard about the “Mahraganat” thing. It’s a kind of music that gets every wedding in a jovial mood.