Tuesday, May 24, 2022




The most popular engagement ring adornment is the diamond, by far. Over the years, engagement styles and wedding themes have changed, but diamond engagement rings have been consistently considered as the symbol of endless love. But currently, non-traditional engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular.

Opal, known to symbolize faithfulness, loyalty and happiness, has become more common as an adornment in engagement rings in recent years.

Natural Cabochon Opal Universe Sun Beaded Halo Engagement Ring (voguegem.com)

Another stone that has gained popularity is Sapphire. Sapphire has become more common because it can be found in several different colors, such as its natural deep blue, pink, teal and a shade of white which looks similar to that of a diamond. 

Nicola Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring – Capucinne

White Sapphires – Après Jewelry (apresjewelry.com)

Pearls, which are considered highly feminine, have also been popping up recently and are becoming more popular as engagement ring adornments. Pearls are often seen to represent knowledge and perfection

White Pearl Engagement Ring Diamond Halo Rose Gold Ring Birthstone Half Eternity Ring Anniversary Promise Micro Pave Bridal Gift Women – BBBGEM

Raw diamond, or uncut diamond, is also an option for a ring adornment. Raw diamond rings are much less expensive than traditionally cut diamond rings, but still have a beautiful appearance and are categorized as pure diamonds. 

Raw Diamond Ring Solid Gold Rough Freeform Gray Diamond | Etsy

Another non-traditional type of engagement ring that has been slowly increasing in popularity is the vintage ring. Vintage rings can be found at many jewelry stores, but one of the most popular businesses currently selling thousands of vintage rings is Etsy.

Oval Moissanite engagement ring set vintage unique rose gold | Etsy

Vintage Opal Rose Gold Wedding Ring – BBBGEM

These beautiful non-traditional engagement rings are a new way to show you’ve found your happily ever after. These rings can signify your forever love for your partner in a unique way!