Wednesday, May 25, 2022



It can be incredibly stressful figuring out what to wear to weddings. . Dress codes can simultaneously be very specific and weirdly vague, furthering the confusion. However, when broken down, wedding dress codes become easy to navigate, and you’ll find your perfect guest outfit in no time!


Black tie attire usually calls for your best tuxedo and evening gown. For masculine looks, a simple black and white tuxedo or formal suit work best. You can choose a dark neutral pallet incorporating grey, navy blues or even classy dark greens. For feminine looks, a floor-length, solid-colored dress is a staple. 

You can play around with the colors of your outfit, as many people opt for bold jewel tones to make a statement. Whip out your best jewelry and accessorize with elegant necklaces and earrings. This is the time to go full glam with your outfit, hair and makeup, but avoid overdressing to the point where you upstage the wed couple.


Semi-formal dress codes call for a more casual approach to formal wear. While these looks are more toned down, they provide the perfect opportunity to play with patterns and dress options. 

Feminine attire can feature shorter dresses and tailored suits with interesting textures and colors. For masculine wear, you can ditch the tuxedos, instead dress up your outfit with a fun tie, a casual blazer and dress slacks. You can even throw in playful accessories such as trilby hats and unique earrings. 



Couples that have had weddings during the current pandemic have mostly opted for more casual themes, which include a relaxed dress code. However, this does not mean that you should show up in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Instead, go for flowy and comfortable summer apparel so you can look chic and presentable. 

You can have fun with the less restrictive dress code and try out different styles, such as rompers, jumpsuits and two-piece sets for feminine looks. For masculine outfits, you can keep the dress pants but ditch the tie. Go for a simple cotton button-up.  



For outdoor weddings, the overall dress code can be anything. However, because you’re in a different setting, it’s important to know what clothing will keep you comfortable but is appropriate for the occasion. 

Wear comfortable flats instead of high-heels to avoid your feet digging into the grass as you walk. You should also go for a maxi dress or a long, flowy dress so that any potential wind does not lift up your hem. Since most outdoor weddings occur during the warmer seasons, pastel colors, floral patterns and ruffles are the way to go for a cute, springy look.

Photo By Rachel Havel


This is a more unique category of wedding attire that is usually only prevalent around holidays. Couples take advantage of the festive vibe and host their weddings around Christmas and New Years, allowing their guests to have some fun with their looks. 

Feminine attire should utilize jewel-toned colors and lots of shimmery sequins and glitter. If you choose to wear a dress, stay away from floor-length hems to avoid looking too formal. Instead, go for a sexy yet appropriate cocktail dress. Masculine looks can include colorful suit sets with statement details, like fun pocket squares or ties.

As you can see, wedding attire can be a breeze. At the end of the day, you’re going to a wedding to support the happy couple and have fun, so don’t overthink it! As long as your outfit is comfortable, confident and on-theme you’re in good shape.