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Wondering if you should hold off on having a wedding ceremony during Covid? You’re not alone, as many couples have found themselves wondering if they should reschedule their ceremonies until things clear up or if they should go forward with plans of a more intimate wedding, also known as a micro wedding. If you find yourself unsure, Luxe Kurves has got you covered with the pros and cons of a micro wedding. 

The Pros

One of the best things about a smaller wedding is the cost! We know weddings can get spendy, from the venue to the food to the apparel for bridesmaids and groomsmen. With a micro wedding, you can cut costs significantly by opting for a smaller guest list and a smaller venue.

Stress is a huge factor when wedding planning. Planning how many people to invite and where to seat them and ensuring the venue is the perfect place may make your special day feel a little less special. A micro wedding ditches most of that stress, as there is less to worry about and perfect; this way, you can focus on ensuring your day is stress-free and instead full of love and happiness.

A micro wedding can also be much more intimate in comparison to a large wedding party. You can share the day with your closest friends and family, making it even more personal and memorable. 

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The Cons

If you have your heart set on a large reception, a micro wedding is probably not the best course of action for your wedding day. By opting for a more intimate wedding you may have to cut down your guest list from 100 people to less than 20 and that can be stressful in itself. Deciding who you want to join you on your special day is a huge deal. 

There is also a huge amount of uncertainty in the midst of the Covid pandemic. You never know what the future holds and that can put a wrench in your plans. You run the risk of mandates changing or someone getting sick just days before the wedding. These factors add on stress that can be avoided by simply postponing the ceremony until things clear up. 

Changing wedding plans can also be costly. If you do choose to downsize on your wedding, you could find yourself losing out on things you already paid for. Having to send out new invitations can be costly. Also, reserving a new space for a smaller group can lead to even more spending. 

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Whether you decide to hold off on your wedding plans or to spend your wedding with an intimate group, just remember it is your day. What matters most are the memories you create with your loved ones in celebrating your marriage.