Thursday, May 26, 2022




U.S. Representative Cori Bush

History has been made in the political realm this year in terms of inclusivity. The number of female and Black, Indigenous and people of color candidates in the 2020 election broke records. An obvious example can be seen in our first woman Vice President, Kamala Harris. Yet Harris was not the only woman to make history. Cori Bush won the election to become Representative of Missouri’s first congressional district, effectively making her the first Black woman to hold the seat. 

On the heels of such a historic win, it is easy to see what a powerhouse Cori Bush is, and we can expect big things from the 44-year-old Congresswoman. She also has a vibrant history of activism and community work, which have impacted the issues she strives to fight for to improve the communities in Missouri. 

Photo by Lawrence Bryant / Reuters

Prior to her run for office, Bush become politically involved in 2014 following the murder of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri. She was an organizer for the Black Lives Matter movement in Missouri for six years and in the years since, Cori Bush has continued to be an outspoken supporter of BLM. As a congresswoman, she makes criminal justice reform part of her platform. Bush promises to use alternatives to detention facilities, legalize marijuana to end the War on Drugs and guarantee formerly incarcerated people maintain their rights as well as have equitable job opportunities when they are released. 

@CoriBush via Twitter

The Missouri Congresswoman has also been vocal on challenges she has faced in her personal life, addressing homelessness, sexual assault, and life as a single mother. She is aware that these issues are faced by millions of Americans every day and hopes to make changes to better her community. These challenges have influenced Bush’s progressive ideas and shaped the policies she hopes to implement in her years in office.

It is refreshing to see someone like Cori Bush take a congressional seat at a time when so many feel disenfranchised and underrepresented in the United States government. Cori Bush is connected to the people she serves and understands the struggles of the working class person in this country.

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