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Most people never really understand the true meaning of cancer, but everyone understands how life-threatening it can be and have either personally been affected by it or know someone who has. Cancer is a term that is used to describe when cells divide uncontrollably and can possibly invade body tissues nearby. Cancer screening is your best bet when trying to detect cancer and other diseases during the early stages. Early findings of cancer give physicians a fair chance to treat it properly.  

There are over 100 types of cancer and it is categorized as the organ or tissue in which the cancer is located. Cancer can begin almost everywhere in the body. Cancer starts to appear due to the changes in one’s genes; these genes control the functioning of the cells. These changes within our genes can be inherited from our parents or the environment we are surrounded by, such as by inhaling smoke from tobacco or by the effects of radiation. To learn more information regarding the different types of cancer and how cancer arises, please visit the National Cancer Institute

How often someone is screened for cancer depends on their age and the type of cancer they are being screened for. For example, if a woman is 44 -54 years old, she gets mammograms every year, and women 55 and older should get them every two years.  It is also advised that men begin to receive screening for prostate cancer at the age of 50.                                

X-ray model of Breast Cancer tumor growth
X-ray model of breast cancer tumor growth

There are several ways to test, locate, or diagnose cancer. All tests are considered to be imaging tests, where a physician takes pictures of a patient internally. These images can tell a few things, like how far the cancer has spread within an individual’s body and the results from a treatment they may be undergoing. Doctors can also look for cancer by doing an endoscopy procedure which is where a tube-like utensil is used to look inside the body.  

Woman getting cancer screening
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Due to regular cancer screenings suggested by one’s physician, you are considered to be ahead of the game. By taking this step and attending your screenings, it is easier to be aware of what is going on inside of your body.  It is always better to attempt to fix problems before they are considered to be unfixable. Health should always be your number one priority; without it, there’s no way that you can live your life to its fullest potential.