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Life Quote: You are the CEO of your Life!

We love shining the light on our Luxe Beauties! This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Nedra Jones of Curve Empowerment

Tell our readers who is Nedra? What makes you kick ass in life?

Nedra Jones is a True Virgo! Shy at times down to earth woman, silly loves to laugh and love hard. The most loyal person you will meet. Love being Creative and seeing her vision comes to life. Once I have my mind made up there is no backing out, I’m Driven on accomplishing my goals. I get a high showing myself what I can do but especially to the ones who didn’t believe or see my vision the way I seen it. I have no tolerance for Hate or Negativity in my life! I’m all about growth and continuing learning anything that will help me continue my growth. Most people know me as Makeup artist and as the Connect in the industry. Before I became the Makeup Artist Entrepreneur and the Creative Director I am a lot people slept on my gift. When the door doesn’t open for you, build your own platform and the door and it will always be open for you.

What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry and do you feel the society accepts kurvy women?

This is an ongoing discussion that will always be a topic and will never stops! Half of the world loves us and the other half doesn’t accept us, and then it’s the other percentage that secretly loves us. My purpose is to get the world’s attention to realize size has nothing to do with our work ethic or how we love. I want the world to know there are women that are curvy that can do the same things a regular size woman can do, whatever regular size is in 2021! I want people to know we are not disable because of the size we wear at the moment.

What motivated you to start Curve Empowerment? Explain to our readers what is Curve Empowerment?

Curve Empowerment is a Movement! It started off with friends supporting each other .I have seen how Curvy Women have been treated in the industry and in this world. So I decided to build a platform for women to shine in the way we should be shinning. I have always been told what I can’t do because of my Size and I continue to show them what I can and what I’m doing. Women with Curves shouldn’t be treated any different than anyone else.

What’s next for your brand?

Traveling all over helping women worldwide having Curve Empowerment Panels Conferences Fashion shows with all experts to give women advise on fashion ,makeup dating advise overall continuing to grow as women and to have a supporting team for women. A safe place for women to meet other women like themselves and learn from each other. Additional plans are having an app for my brand where it will be easy access to all upcoming events and 24/7 support line.

How has COVD impacted your life and what have you learned from it?

Covid has taught me so much on how to use my time wisely. It has made me push the gas with every thought or dream I have to go after it! As well to appreciate myself, focus on things I ignored in my life and to put time into myself as much as I put into others. I also decided to go harder with myself and business, we have one life and nothing is impossible to accomplish.

What is one goal you have accomplish? What woman do you look up to?

One goal that I have accomplish is not giving up on myself and to give myself more credit for what I have accomplished.

I look up to a couple women in my life but my mom she is the true meaning of a rock, she keeps going through it all. My mother has a beautiful soul and is filled with so much knowledge. She has taught me so much in my life and is my number one supporter! The second woman in my life I look up to is my sister Cassandra Scott she is the true meaning of a sister but really my cousin the only woman I know we can disagree argue and call each other 5 min later saying … Wyd this sums up our relationship and she is there for me anytime I need her to be.

How do you stay motivated and how do you motivate your Sista’s circle?

It is so important to have a supportive circle around you in normal times, especially right know in 2021! I have a circle of accountability partners and we hold each accountable for weekly and daily goals I highly suggest if you don’t have this in your life to get it , It will help you and change your life for the good keep focused.

6 words the best describe you?
Loyal, Supportive , Creative , Driven , Loved and Shy

What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

You love yourself enough to treat yourself and soul to what you deserve. A Luxe Beautie is Self-Love, is not a Luxury it’s a Lifestyle!

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