Thursday, May 26, 2022




Alissa Ashley
@alissa.ashey via Instagram

If you’re an avid member of the online beauty world, then you’re an expert on the top influencers: Jeffree Star, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, etc. The list is endless. 

No matter who you already watch, influencer Alissa Ashley has a lot to say and a lot to contribute to the virtual community. Ashley is a young beauty guru who makes videos about everything beauty-related, from tutorials and look recreations to first impressions of new and exciting products. 

At just 25 years old, Ashley has a verified Instagram account with 1.1 million followers and a YouTube channel with 2.08 million loyal subscribers. She has been incredibly candid about her journey through beauty and self-care on both platforms. One such instance is when Ashley discussed the purpose and recovery process for her breast reduction surgery. 

It is crucial to encourage young women to love their bodies while simultaneously allowing them the freedom to make whatever choices they believe are best for their mental and physical health. Ashley consistently shares this message with her followers. 

Alissa Ashley
@alissa.ashley via Instagram

She has also created flattering and innovative makeup looks on her YouTube channel. One of Ashley’s more popular looks was a recreation of Ariana Grande’s iconic “white eyeliner on the lid” style from the “Rain On Me” music video. 

As a strong and beautiful Black woman with a large online following, Ashley has the rare opportunity to enact change in the beauty community. Her videos provide honest insights into the latest products. 

At Luxe, we celebrate inclusivity! Women of color have had to fight the battle for equal representation for centuries. That fight still lingers as shade ranges are more highly scrutinized for their inclusion of diverse and dark tones in their foundations, concealers and setting powders. 

Alissa Ashley
@alissa.ashley via Instagram

Beauty influencers are a new brand of entertainers, and they have experienced a lot of drama and backlash from various audiences based on what they say, do, and promote. An unproblematic queen like Alissa Ashley, with her honest and beautiful interpretations of the beauty world, is a breath of fresh air.