Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Man and woman on opposite sides of the political spectrum

Everyone knows the common relationship deal breakers: bad hygiene, cheating, and different goals for the future; But something else is quickly becoming one of the biggest red flags that could hinder a relationship: their political opinion. 

No election cycle has proven more divisive than that of 2015 to 2020. American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based think tank, released survey results that show just how impactful the current political climate is on Americans’ love lives. 24% of adults said that it would be impossible to date someone who did not share their political beliefs and 44% said it would be very hard to overlook their difference of opinion. 

It comes as no surprise the biggest divide comes from very conservative Republicans and very liberal Democrats. 83% of those who aren’t a fan of the former president say that they could not date someone who likes him and 59% of his supporters say they could not be with someone who did not support him. Though Trump’s name itself has become a point of contention in many relationships, the debate has also put more emphasis on other social and political issues. 

Democratic and Republican Party Symbols

The biggest policy deal-breaker in a relationship is abortion. Having differing views on this issue opens up the door to debate about many other hot topics including, womens’ autonomy, separation of church and state, and healthcare. 

Political opinions have become more prominent in relationships as a result of the partisan tension and divide. More and more couples are having these conversations early on in their relationship, with 18 to 29-year-olds more likely to prioritize this compared to previously when most couples did not know their significant other’s political beliefs before dating. 

However, there is hope for couples who do not support the same candidate or see eye to eye on key issues. Political opinions are hardly a sore subject in committed relationships and marriages. 

American Flag

Though less than a third of Americans say that shared political beliefs are a top priority in a relationship, it is clear that for those who care about being on the same page as their partner political ideologies are non-negotiable.