Tuesday, May 24, 2022





2020 was all about the no-makeup and light coverage makeup trend, but is this influencer bringing back the full face look with a whole new approach?

Meredith Duxbury's Tik-Tok Stills
Meredith Duxbury (via Tik-Tok)

Meredith Duxbury is a twenty-one-year-old social media influencer who shares her makeup tips and tricks through her platform on Tik Tok. Her teachings include creating an airbrushed face with a full face of foundation as a starting base and applying an additional layer on top to emphasize a flawless cover. 

This stands out to a lot of viewers, especially during these current times, because I think it’s safe to say that we thought we were done with the full face. But, surprisingly, this is a refreshing sight to see. 

What’s unique about her routine is the way she applies her foundation. She creates her perfect shade by pouring various blends of foundation onto the back of her hand and then applying every bit of product that was poured out. 

This can create the appearance that she is using what many would consider a lot of makeup. However, she achieves a flawless finish by rubbing the foundation into her face with her hands—yup, her bare hands. This is a pretty common makeup trick, as people believe that the warmth of our hands helps melt the product into our skin for a more proper finish—but, it is not often done with what would be considered a lot of product. 

After Duxbury applies the first layer with her hands, she adds a bit more coverage with a beauty sponge, and then she finishes off with an additional layer of concealer. Duxbury’s audience always acknowledges her for being the epiphany of the expression, “trust the process.”

Meredith Duxbury's Foundation Process
Meredith Duxbury (via Tik-Tok)

It is admirable that Duxbury allows her viewers to see her own approach to  achieving  a flawless face, as a lot of viewers comment that it’s “too much.” 

However, she stays true to herself and responds with more videos of her makeup application in order to represent the fact that the makeup she uses is meant to be seen. She is not afraid of people saying that she is “cat-fishing” her audience. She has a passion for makeup, and she feels most confident when she has her full face of makeup on. 

Meredith Duxbury Instagram Photo
Meredith Duxbury (via Instagram)

It is comforting to see Duxbury openly share how much makeup she uses to complete her flawless finish. There are many young viewers on apps like Tik Tok, and it is appropriate to let those young viewers know that her flawless finish is the product of her specific method. 

While makeup is not necessary and embracing one’s natural beauty with no makeup or light application is completely okay,  you also do not need to feel ashamed for wearing “too much” makeup. There is no such thing as too much or too little. The perfect amount is always up to the person who is wearing it.