Tuesday, May 24, 2022





With the rise of at-home hair bleaching and dyeing during quarantine, we’re confident everyone who participated in the trend needs a hair revival. For many years, at-home remedies and store-bought hair masks were staples in hair care routines. 

But, another trend is sweeping the hair care world: rice. Almost everyone has the ingredient in their home, and the remedy is easy to make: a simple concoction of rice and water. 

Though a recent obsession in modern-day haircare, using rice water as a hair beautifying product isn’t a new discovery at all. Rice water has been traced back to the Heian period in Japan, between the years of 794 and 1185 CE; court women had long, beautiful hair, and their secret was bathing in rice water. 

Additionally, Yao women from the Huangluo village in Southern China also implemented the use of rice water for hair care. In fact, they are infamously known for their six-foot-long, Rapunzel-like hair. 

The Yao women value their hair and see it as a sign of respect, so much so that they only cut it once in their lifetime and keep it covered until after they are married. When they finally are, they tuck their hair into a wrapped-up style with a large bun in the front. 

Modern-day Yao Women.
Modern-day Yao Women Credit:https://edensgardendotblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/rice-water-benefits-history/

The Yao women’s concoction varies from the trending recipes. Their mix includes citrus peels, ginger and fleeceflower root, along with rice and water. Boiled together and solid particles removed, they then pour it into containers to be fermented—a process that can take days or even a month. 

You can complete a somewhat similar at-home process; all you need is rice (brown, preferably) and water. According to a recipe from Healthline, let the rice sit in the water, mix it together until the water becomes cloudy, then strain the rice from the water and set the rice aside to cook for later! 

Pour your cloudy rice water into a plastic container and cover it, letting it sit in room temperature for 12-24 hours and allowing the nutrients to become more potent. But, do not let it sit for longer than 24 hours, or it could go bad. 

If you’re too busy to DIY, try out this White Rice Serum. A major company, SheaMoisture, has even hopped on the trend, creating rice water shampoo

White Rice Hair Serum
Credit: WhatNaturalsLove.com https://whatnaturalslove.com/collections/hair-care/products/white-rice-serum-to-grow-your-hair?variant=32390913982538

While this process doesn’t promise faster hair growth, rice water can reduce hair loss and breakage, allowing for more hair to grow. So, next time you’re searching for a way to save your damaged hair, go into your pantry and fill up a bowl with water for an inexpensive alternative to store-bought hair masks.