Sunday, July 3, 2022



Mood boosting, moisturizing, magnificent: bath bombs! They turn an “eh” bath to a great one, and have the ability to turn your whole day around thanks to the soft aromatherapy they exert. But bath bombs, aside from the fun fizziness, have another, wonderful purpose: they offer a romantic aura. 

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or ‘it’s complicated,’ bath bombs can not only put you in the mood, but put your partner in the mood as well. Studies have shown that certain scents activate amino acids in the brain, which in turn will heighten hormone levels, increasing arousal. These scents are known as aphrodisiacs, and range from the acclaimed scent of lavender to the fresh smell of peppermint.

Lavender: Easily the most famed and well known scent; lavender isn’t just at the heart of unwinding after a long, draining day. Once called the ‘herb of love,’ lavender has symbolized romance long before the rose. With it’s relaxing nature, it can easily draw out feelings of romance and desire. Alternatively, a study done in men found that lavender, as well as pumpkin, decreased erectile dysfunction and increased blood flow by nearly 40%.

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Jasmine: Simply stated; a hidden gem. Jasmine is often overshadowed by its counterparts such as rose and lavender, but jasmine has long been known for it’s seductive floral tones. In traditions from Muslim and Hindu culture, it is often referred to as the “flower of love,” much as lavender was in the middle ages. It’s combination of light, floral scents and what some refer to as animalistic musk allows it to merge a soft sensuality with a more wild sexuality, making it especially perfect for anyone in a relationship, or on a date. 

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Rose: As one of the most well known symbols of love, it’s no surprise that a rose bath bomb would invoke feelings of passion. Molecules that make up roses are associated with fecal matter, which as gross as it sounds, unleashes a primal instinct that leads to arousal. Rose is also especially influential on men, and is known for lowering inhibitions which allows one not only to relax, but feel more confident and sexy.

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Chocolate: Chocolate seems to be one of the sweetest and yummiest cures to virtually anything. Cramps? Eat some dark chocolate. High blood pressure? Add more cacao to your diet. Trying to get into a romantic mood? Chocolate! While studies have found that, despite containing chemicals linked to arousal, chocolate doesn’t physically induce arousal, but our mind does when the scent hits us. Rich, smooth, and decadent; a chocolate or cocoa bath bomb can put you in the same type of mood. 

Vanilla: Not a chocolate person? Vanilla is also a natural aphrodisiac, and one of the most popular as well! It’s light, airy fragrance attracts men and women alike. However, scientific studies have especially noted the heightened arousal that the scent of vanilla triggers in men. Additionally, the smell of vanilla is sweet and soft, and relaxes the body as well as elevating the mood; increasing confidence and libido.

The High Maintenance bath bomb from Fizz Bizz is laced with not only vanilla, but also includes patchouli for a woodsy scent that is not only sexy, but musky and alluring. 

These are only five examples out of the extensive list of possibilities when it comes to sparking the mood with a bath bomb. The study of aromatherapy is deep and involved, but there are many more natural herbs and spices that have been found to jump start a little romance, including saffron, ginger, and cinnamon among others. However, when it comes to settling into a warm tub fizzing with a bath bomb and exploding with bubbles, start by looking at the above options to smell sweet, feel confident, and ignite the night.