Sunday, July 3, 2022




In 2020, we lost many lives, and fashion designers were not exempt from tragedy. Whether they died of natural causes or because of alternative situations, they will be missed dearly. While mourning their passing, it is important to praise their accomplishments and impact on the fashion industry.

Pierre Cardin

The Italian-born designer, Pierre Cardin, changed the fashion game forever. Cardin’s out of this world futuristic style had fashion fanatics yearning for more. This interest in Cardin’s innovative style supported him in the fashion business for 75 years. Pierre designed loose silhouettes that excited citizens. It was a tremendous change from the super tight fit of other fashion houses’ design. This style made women feel less restricted and freer with their clothing. Cardin also created cool and comfortable clothes for men. Some of his famous clients are The Beatles and Jacqueline Kennedy Cardin’s womenswear fashion, such as the Bubble Dress put his brand on the map and represented his talent for twisting classic silhouettes and fitting them into his brand’s aesthetic. PCardin was well known for his outrageous runway show concepts. In 2018 he presented an iconic collection that was showcased on the Great Wall of China, and in 1991, he showcased his work in the Red Square in Russia. Cardin was very vocal about the importance of diverse models, Pierre often employed people of color and men to showcase his work. It was frowned upon to be accepting of the men and people of color in the fashion world and Pierre fought against that. Pierre’s appreciation for diversity and other countries made Cardin’s brand globally successful. Five months before his death, a documentary surrounding Cardin’s extravagant life and ground-breaking career called House of Cardin was created. Even though Cardin is not with us anymore, his legacy will live on forever. 

Kenzo Takada

Young adults quickly fell in love with the youthful and fun creations of Kenzo Takada, Kenzo Takada’s a Japanese designer. Takada showcased Japanese-inspired fashion for the entire world to enjoy, helping to make the style mainstream. He incorporated Western fashion into his cultural designs while supporting their comfortable silhouettes.

Takada produced a well-thought-out brand, KENZO, that could adapt to the changes in each decade—especially those of the early 2000s. The brand thrives on consumers’ love for crewnecks and colorful pants, which matched the laid-back street style of the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Takada’s collections are still thriving to this day, and KENZO continues to produce fresh and fun clothes, just like how Takada would have wanted. The Spring/Summer collection can be viewed here. 

Even though these icons are no longer with us, their legacy will forever be. We thank them both for changing the fashion world forever.