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Life Quote:  “Doubt whom you will, but never yourself.”-Unknown

We love shining the light on our Luxe Beauties! This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea “CurvyDre” Clark

Photographer: ‘RJones Photography

What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry and do you feel the society accepts kurvy women?

Positive strides have definitely been made, as size acceptance has become more prevalent. However, I believe there is still a lack of diversity and representation with models of color.

What motivated you to become a model?

I pursued it as a child, but was rejected because I was too big. Years later, I was cast in a plus size runway show and it was a true eye-opener. I researched the industry and was inspired by the late Mia Amber Davis. Having the opportunity to be a role model, represent women of all ages, shapes, & sizes, and do what I love has kept me motivated through the years.

What brands would you love to model for?

Lane Bryant, Cacique, Ashley Stewart, Cream of Nature, Outre, Nike, Avia, and MAC Cosmetics.

Photographer: ‘RJones Photography

How has COVD impacted your life and what have you learned from it?

COVID brought anxiety, heartache, and isolation to my life. Besides better self-care (mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual), I learned to pivot in relationships, work, and business. I cherish those I value most and operate from a space of gratitude. I’ve become more tech savvy and found normalcy in communicating virtually via Zoom and other platforms. I’ve also learned to find balance between home school and work-from-home life.

February is the month where we celebrate all things “LOVE”! Love for yourself, partner, culture and etc. How will you be celebration love this month?

I will celebrate Black Love and honor my parents who will be married 42 years. A little extra pampering is a must. I’ll also show some special appreciation to my loved ones.

What was the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

Allowed me the freedom to be myself while protecting and celebrating that authenticity.

Photographer: ‘RJones Photography

6 words the best describe you?

Resilient, vibrant, intelligent, ambitious, nurturing, and innovative

What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

A “Luxe Beautie” is a woman who knows who she is and what she wants & is unapologetically dope. She exudes confidence, has authentic style, is outspoken, and values the luxuries of life.

Thank you Andrea for being our February Luxe Beautie of the month!!! To keep up with Andrea follow her on all of her social media platform IG/CH/Facebook/Twitter:@curvydre.

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