Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Everyone around us is going through a hard time if not because of COVID-19 then for some other reason. Maybe you are curled up on your blanket while reading this or maybe you’re on your way to work. Once in a while you surely have wondered how much music affects your mood.

According to MedicalNewsToday, music plays a huge part in boosting our self confidence and in self motivation and helps people with anxiety, I personally never really believed it until there came a time when I was so overwhelmed with everything that has been going on at that time that I thought things couldn’t get any worse, That’s when I got introduced to a K-pop band “BTS”. They made me realize why they say music can change you and motivate you and make you love yourself. 

I then consulted a few of my friends to know if they experienced it like I did, and trust me, the changes I experienced and seeing my closest people who once thought so negatively turning into a completely different positive person is beyond explanation. 

Your entire life changes once you start to believe in yourself. It gives you the kind of motivation you’ve been looking for, and that’s the first step to your success and your confidence in yourself! 

We all have different tastes and different ways to get comforted, which is totally understandable, but music is one thing which keeps us all connected despite the language we speak. 

I got my motivation from BTS and I can even say that they taught me to love myself and to pursue my dream. They gave me that confidence that I almost lost because I know I can do it and so can you! 

I told you how motivational music helped me become what I am today. What’s your story of music and how it inspired you or changed your life? Please let me know in the comments below.