Wednesday, May 25, 2022




This year has been the year of staying home and exploring new ways of entertainment while social distancing. Tik Tok has been a rising social media platform where people can create short stories; sixty second videos to entertain viewers or to simply have fun. The platform has given a lot of young users the ability to create a platform for themselves by showing off their hobbies and hidden talents such as dancing. In fact, a lot of users have created their own following by posting videos of them dancing. 

Dancing to popular songs on Tik Tok has become such a common trend on the app that people have even created choreographed dances to specific songs that everyone can learn and show off their own version. It’s almost as if everyone who is active on this app, knows these specific dances just like the Disney movie, High School Musical

Seventeen-year-old, Sienna Mae Gomez, has used that same opportunity to show off her version of a dance while also embracing her body and natural kurves. Sienna Mae Gomez is a teenage girl who embraces her insecurities to show other teenagers on the Tik Tok app that all bodies come in different shapes and sizes. She dances to these songs while bringing her high waisted pants that cover her stomach, down to her waist to show that everyone’s pants cover their stomach and that it’s completely normal for one’s stomach to look different from how it does when it is shaped through the high waisted pants. Gomez embraces the natural shape of her stomach with and without the shaping of form-fitting clothing. She shows the natural reality of bloated stomachs and the common “rolls” people are often to get when they sit slouched down. 

Not only does Gomez show off her natural appearance of what stomachs look like when they are not shaped through clothing, but she also shows how she creates her body to appear in a way that is posed for social media versus what her body looks like when she is not posed. She does this to show viewers that not everyone looks posed or the way one would desire to look all the time.  This has been a great message for young teenagers, and overall everyone to hear, especially during these times of COVID-19 where people might have encountered insecurities without having the ability to attend the gym to stay in shape!

Most people are familiar with the numerous influencers on social media where they show off all their highlights and post themselves in a way that is very eye-catching to the public. Although it’s a form of entertainment to most, it can be difficult for those who are struggling with body insecurities. With the amount of stretched “reality” that is posed for viewers, it is refreshing to see this young girl, Sienna Mae Gomez, show the versions of herself that is usually the side people hide from society.