Thursday, May 19, 2022
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There’s no better way to start off the new year than having new aspirations and goals! Mapping out goals and ways to implement them ensures a productive and successful year.  New Year’s resolutions give a sense of hope and something to look forward to.

The making of New Year’s resolutions started 4000 years ago with the Babylonians. They were said to be the first people to celebrate the start of a new year. During this time the start of the year was originally in the middle of March instead of January. Babylonians used this time to pay their debts and return borrowed things which in this case happened to be their resolutions.

Making resolutions is a way to start fresh and become who you always dreamed of becoming. Resolutions mean so much when it comes to the future.

Goals give a sense of purpose, and this motivates you  to start the journey of accomplishing the goal. Taking the time to write down goals and plans simply means progress. The first step to making things happen is setting a goal.

Resolutions can be made for many different reasons. They can be as small as reading a book at least an hour a day before bed or only eating junk food once a week. Your goals can also be a tad bit more serious for example letting go of grudges or completing a no-spend month.

When planning out your New Year’s resolutions there are a few steps to follow. 

  1.     Just Pick One Thing- Since it is nearly impossible to change your whole life at once, it is best to pick one area of your life and go from there. Picking one thing prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and of course, you are less likely to quit.  Focus on making small changes because the end result will be very noticeable. 
  2.     Plan Ahead- To accomplish your goal, be aware of the tools and resources that are needed. Before actually starting the process doing some research would be beneficial.  Knowing what you’re getting into is truly helpful.  Making sure you are not too far over your head will allow the process to start with ease. 
  3.     Pick a Start Date – Resolutions do not have to be started on January 1, it is best to pick a day that you are the most enthusiastic about and eager to make your changes. 
  4.     Go for It – When reaching your goal make a commitment to actually making the change.  In order to make the proper changes, 100% must be given.
  5.     Accept Failure – Mistakes are okay! Changes do not happen overnight, failure should be expected and embraced.  Figure out what caused the mistake to ensure that it doesn’t reoccur. 
  6.     Plan Rewards – A pat on the back can go a long way.  Rewards give that extra push to keep going.  Even though goals are not always easy to reach, rewards give a sense of hope.  

The biggest problem people run into when implementing new year’s resolutions is quitting. The majority of people are unable to reach their goals. Expecting success overnight, not believing in yourself, putting the cart before the horse, not enjoying the process, not tracking progress and trying too hard can be the ultimate reasons for quitting. Make sure you are taking the proper steps to reach your desired end result so that you understand the true meaning of it being a new year and being a new you!