Wednesday, May 25, 2022




With the beginning of a new year and the arrival of the spring season, it is the perfect time to spice up your style and add some sparkle to the way you dress and accessorize. As a plus-size woman, it is tiring to hear people giving you the same fashion tips over and over again.  Personally, the repetition of words makes me feel agitated and revolted. 

They constantly utter the phrases,  “Do you want to look good? Lose some weight. You’re a beautiful woman. You will look more beautiful if you lose some weight.” Not only do people sound quite ignorant when they say these statements, , but they also seem very obnoxious and rude. 

I have compiled a list of a few fashion tips that a plus-size woman can begin to implement this spring to look like the best version of herself.—and, no, losing weight or slimming one’s waist is not part of these tips. 

Rock Your One-Sleeved Dress with a Slit

A floral print one-sleeved dress with a slit is the perfect attire for the upcoming springtime. Not only will it blend with the season, but it will also make your kurves more prominent and alluring! Some of the most beautiful colors of one-sleeved slit dresses include dark brown, dark red and light pink.. 

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Black Chokers Never Go Out of Style

Ever since the choker trend began, people of all ages and sexual orientations have adopted the jewelry piece into their wardrobes.,  Chokers can be worn during any season, regardless of the trend’s age. 

Pair your black choker with a dark-colored leather jacket or a sleeveless top to show off your kurvy arms, which will give you a retro, ‘80s look. 

Show Off Your Cleavage With a Deep-Necked Lace Dress

What’s more beautiful than wearing a deep-necked lace dress that perfectly fits your physical demeanour? Being a plus-sized woman is a plus for you, as deep-necked dresses will show off your perfectly shaped cleavage! 

A net dress with a deep neck can be bought in any color and shade,s It will be the perfect dress this spring, bringing out the best version of you and your inner goddess! 

Show Off Your Cartilage Earrings

You were probably tired of wearing a cap over your head during the snowy winter season. Well, now is the time to let your hair out and enjoy the fresh breeze of springtime! 

With your hair tucked behind your ears, you can show off your cartilage earrings. The earrings will not only elevate your fashion, but will also emphasize your beautiful facial structure. 

Rock the Classic Crop Top and High-Waisted Jeans

A long-waisted pair of jeans that hugs you in all the right places would be perfect to pair with your top this spring season, and, you can combine the attire with a pair of shoes that complements your overall outfit. 

Rock A Crop Top, But With Shorts

A crop top not only looks good with a pair of high-waisted jeans, but also with a pair of shorts. A tight pair of shorts  will show off your bare legs and form the perfect outfit for the spring season. 

Contemporary Thin-Strapped Dress With a Natural Makeup Look

A thin strapped dress will be the perfect outfit for a kurvy woman this spring season.! Whether it is light-colored or dark-colored, a thin-strapped dress that hugs you in all the right places and brings out the inner goddess in you is the perfect staple piece for your closet this spring.