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It’s that time of year again for people to start mentioning “New Year, New Me”. But when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, do you feel any different? Nope, not in the slightest. New Years is a time where you can turn back the clock and have a reason to work on yourself, something you can decide to do, for you. Although many people have different definitions of what “New Year, New Me” means, here’s what people don’t tell you when you begin setting your goals. 

  • It’s going to be hard

You wake up on January 2nd. You promised yourself that you would start your fitness journey on January 1st, but everyone needs a recovery day after the new year. Don’t sweat it. January 2nd is your first day of whatever regimen you’re trying to do. Most people say the first day is the hardest, but I tend to think getting into the routine is the hardest part when it comes to fitness. 

The best plan to make is related to the routine you currently have set in place. I’m an early riser, so I used to wake up at 9am on a normal day and actually be ready for the day around 10am. When choosing my routine I chose to wake up at 8am, get out of bed and ready to workout by 8:30 so I could keep a similar routine. Saying you’re going to wake up at 8am, is a lot easier than actually doing it, so maybe try not to shoot for the stars when choosing when you will workout.

  • You have to enjoy it

This is a key part. No matter why you set this resolution, you should be doing it for your own satisfaction. I don’t care your reasoning, if it’s not to work towards your best, most healthy body, I don’t want to hear it. 

As tough as it may be, you cannot be comparing yourself to others during this process. Every single human being is created differently. We all have different body types and we all have different weights that are healthy for our figure. If you are doing this for any reason that is not personal, you are doing it wrong. You need to embrace your natural body type, but that also takes research to fully understand what your body type is. Once you understand what body type you have, you will understand that weight is distributed differently on every human. Meaning, no matter how hard you work you might not look exactly the same as someone else who weighs the same as you.

“Female Body Type” by Arne Hendriks is licensed under CC BY 2.0


  • Find what you’re interested in

This is one of the tougher parts of deciding a fitness regime for yourself. Normally, I would suggest starting with a simple routine of incorporating a small dose of cardio with some light weight lifting. But, since gyms are closed in many places, you might need to get a little creative.

During the time where gyms were closed in my area, I found out that I was interested in learning how to box. Have I ever known I had wanted to box? Nope. Did I figure it out after searching YouTube for workout videos? Yup. I started learning to box on YouTube. After my extensive search I decided that this was the video I was going to start out with. I don’t enjoy running and anything related to weight training makes me miss the gym, so I needed to try something entirely different. And, there was a long time when I never saw results from the gym, yet I saw results from boxing in less than a month because I enjoyed it so much that I was able to stay with it. 

  •  Nutrition is a big part of fitness

(no matter if you’re trying to gain muscle or lose weight)

As much as you don’t want to hear it, what you eat does affect your workout. If you have a strict number goal you’re trying to achieve, it might be more difficult if you’re not paying attention to what you’re eating. BUT paying attention to what you’re eating DOES NOT mean dieting. You do not need to diet to see results. I’m going to reemphasize that. You do not need to diet to see results. 

Although dieting can be helpful, it can also be unhealthy. It’s a good idea to talk to a licensed nutritionist and your primary care physician before going on any type of diet. Make sure you also put in the time for research. You need to ensure your body is properly fueled. I’m not trying to scare you out of it, but you can become extremely sick if you do not know how to diet and put yourself on a diet. 

You should never give up foods or things you love for your goal. If you give up foods or certain drinks that you love, you’re going to find this as more of a chore than it needs to be. You should do your workout, know that you did the best you possibly could, and still feel great about eating pizza later that day. 

“Light and healthy Meal: Avocado Sandwich with Salad and Pomegranate” by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  •  There will be days where you will want to quit 

No matter how much you like what you’re doing, there will always be a point where you feel like something is off. Whether you’re seeing fewer results, you’re not burning any more calories, or just in general you feel blah, you might want to quit. And I’m not saying take a day off. Take a day off, that’s completely normal and up to you. I’m talking about never wanting to do it anymore type of quitting. 

The biggest thing people don’t mention in relation to weight loss, is that sometimes, your brain makes you feel as if you haven’t accomplished what you have. There will be days where you look in the mirror and you feel like you’re just beginning again. Do you really look like that? Absolutely not. No matter how bad you think you look, I promise you do not. It is all in your head. 

  • Weighing yourself every day can be toxic

Human bodies do amazing things. Your body is doing so many things at once to make sure you’re intact and able to continue living. Bodyweight fluctuates, always. Body weight can change anywhere from 1-5 pounds overnight. And, although it’s nice to step on the scale and see a low number in the morning, how will you feel if that number isn’t as low tomorrow? Weighing weekly is a much better process of figuring out your weight, otherwise, you’ll never know how much you actually weigh.

Plus, stepping on the scale in the morning isn’t a truly accurate number. Your body has fasted all night, it is starved and dehydrated, so although the number on the scale might make some happy, it’s not a good way of determining how much you actually weigh. If you do want to keep track of your weight, be sure to weigh yourself at the same time every time you do so.

You don’t need to weigh yourself. Just like I’m preaching “don’t weigh yourself every day”, I’ll straight up preach not to weigh yourself at all. Numbers on the scale don’t mean anything. Working out to become healthy shouldn’t be determined on a certain scale weight. Do you feel like you are getting stronger? Do you feel all-around more healthy? If you already feel those things, why do you need a scale to tell you that you’re a few pounds lighter?

You will never fully reach your goals if you hate the workout you are doing. Take the time and put in the effort to find out what you truly enjoy, I promise you it will make a change in the future. There are truly so many at-home workouts on the internet now because of quarantine, look around, try a few out and figure out which is your favorite.

“Fitness Equipment Weights 3kg” by Jonathan Rolande is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Whether you choose to take more walks or learn how to box, New Year’s resolution goals can be accomplished, as long as you remember that your goals are purely your goals. In the past year, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and I can truly say I did it through finding what I love, enjoying the workout, and never comparing my progress to anyone else’s. It shouldn’t matter the number, what should matter is that you stayed with it and feel better overall. I found my happiness staring across from me in the mirror, not in the fitness center.

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