Wednesday, May 25, 2022




There has always been a stigma behind plastic surgery. Going through comment sections on social media and listening to workplace gossip can give way to phrases like, “I’d rather see a natural woman,” “I heard her body isn’t real,” “You can tell his teeth are fake,” “Didn’t you hear she got her butt insured?”

But what exactly is the problem with that? Being able to change something that you are unsatisfied with to live a happier life shouldn’t be something that is scrutinized, especially if the person in question is open about their procedures. 


While there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your physical appearance, sometimes that is only a beneficial side effect to the health benefits. 

Body Contouring  

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, ”Significant weight loss related to diet, bariatric surgery or post pregnancy changes often leaves loose skin behind. Body contouring procedures can help fine-tune your new body shape.” Someone overweight working to lose weight by changing their diet and exercising for months can potentially be left with excess skin at no fault of their own. 


Excess skin isn’t the end of the world! But, if someone is making changes for a healthier lifestyle, extra skin can add weight that can’t be removed through exercise or diet and can be demotivating. Wanting their accomplishments to be reflected on the outside as well as the inside is valid and allows them to fully see their progress.



While the procedure is typically used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your nose, it is also used for correcting breathing, improving sleep and alleviating sinus pressure. We all probably know someone that snores so loud it’s impossible to sleep in the same room with them. While snoring is at best a minor inconvenience, at worst, could be a symptom of sleep apnea, a condition where sleeping starts and stops, causing the snorer to wake up throughout the night getting little to no sleep. A rhinoplasty procedure can fix this issue entirely, causing a ripple effect of positive outcomes stemming from your quality of sleep.

Sinus problems are also a common issue fixed by a rhinoplasty procedure. According to Jamie R. Garza, M.D. “[sinus problems] occur when the empty spaces behind your facial bones around your nose, in your forehead and upper cheeks become blocked. This can cause pressure to build, which can be painful and debilitating”. Surgery can prevent infection and improve overall quality of life.

Breast reduction 


Breast implants or “boob jobs” are staples in the world of plastic surgery to increase the size of a woman’s chest. But what happens when you want the opposite effect? It’s been found that women with larger breasts typically experience increased back, neck and shoulder pain from exercise and everyday activities. Consistent strain can lead to “pain, pinched nerves, and in more serious cases can cause migraines, numbness in the arms, and the worsening of ailments” says Dr. Scott Spiro


Modern Family actress Ariel Winter (top) and rapper, producer and actress Queen Latifah (bottom) are examples of celebs that have undergone breast reductions. Both women said they have experienced a decrease in daily strain, an improvement in posture and ability to exercise.

Face Lift


Once we reach a certain age, our faces tend to lose their youthful glow, sag in places and start to show more wrinkles. This also impacts the eyelids and can impair vision and cause your eyes to be continually dry throughout the day. According to Dr. John Williams, blepharoplasty is a procedure that removes droopy skin on the eyelids to correct this very same problem. Additional procedures such as FaceTite, AccuTite and Morpheus 8 are minimally invasive procedures that tighten skin and promote healthier skin development. 

Cosmetic changes, while aesthetically pleasing, can often be needed for better quality of life and not purely based on vanity. While wanting smoother skin, a slimmer waist or thicker hips doesn’t do anything for your physical health, your mental health is equally as important. As long as you can afford it, and it doesn’t harm you or others, go for it, especially if you know a change will make you happy!