Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Barbershops have existed for many centuries and take the cake for shaping many men all over the world. As early as 6000 years ago, barbering services were provided in Egypt (BarberingTimeline).   Barbering has evolved tremendously over the years, and there are even entire schools that concentrate on barbering.  Currently the majority of barbering students are African American.   In the middle ages, barbers were not just known for haircuts and shaving, they were also known for dressing wounds and performing surgical operations.  In the 14th century, barbers were categorized into two classes: those that practiced barbering and those that performed surgeries.

Being a barber is one of the most rewarding professions; barbers give young men a sense of pride and an extra boost of confidence that may not have been there before. In many places, barbershops are looked at as sanctuaries because people feel free to talk about what’s on their mind and the problems going on in their communities.

Barbering cannot be learned over night.  Every man wants to find a barber that is skilled at his craft. Barbers must shave, groom and style every customer up to his individual standard.   To be a licensed barber you must attend a 10- month training program and in some states students have the option of combining barber and cosmetology training. 

Each state has different requirements to receive a barber license for example in the state of South Carolina 1500 hours of training must be completed and in Florida only 1000 hours are needed.  Students are required to complete coursework and it is taught through lectures and hands-on training.  Courses cover haircutting, shaving, business management, bacteriology and more to ensure that students are well prepared for the workforce. 

A good barber will be licensed, aware of regulations and familiar with trendy hairstyles, sanitation and scalp diseases. They will also have a great understanding of the various tools and instruments like razors, clippers and combs.  Barbers have many duties like cutting hair, facials, shampooing hair, disinfecting tools and fitting hairpieces. 

Barbershops play a significant role in many communities within their walls, people from all walks of life are able to join together and enjoy open dialogue. Young men learn how to partake in friendly debates, sharing their views all while accepting differences amongst other men. A barbershop is a place where a young man can learn to have different conversations. When you take a look around a barbershop, you see the differences in haircuts, beard lengths and hair colors. This type of environment truly teaches that everyone is different. 

As small boys start to go to the barbershop they start to become fascinated with all of the barbering tools and of course how handsome they look after a fresh cut.  The distinct manliness feel is never forgotten and is always embraced.  Something about growing into a young man is always intriguing. 

The bond between a barber and a customer is very intimate. Barbers witness many milestones, from a little boy’s first haircut to his senior prom—and sometimes even his wedding day.  Barbershops are sacred places that lack judgment. They are looked at as a home away from home.  

Self-esteem and confidence are the main products a barber is responsible for providing. A dream haircut is enough to really boost your confidence, and a sense of style is always established when visiting the barbershop. As a kid, you are able to figure out what fits you. Having a sense of style forms an identity of how someone wants to be viewed and how they seem themselves.  

Barbers give the best pep talks, leaving customers feeling like they can conquer the world. In barbershops, the environment is uplifting, and the feeling of brotherly love is often in the air.