Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Live shows are being suspended, music festivals are being canceled, and several movie theaters have been temporarily closed. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in numerous ways. Production teams have started implementing new methods to properly adjust to the new normal. In a study conducted by Variety, safety measures now cost as much as 10% of the production budget, adding to the total number of filming days needed. Netlfix acknowledged the hardships everyone is facing by creating a $150 million hardship fund for those impacted by the pandemic. Many heavily anticipated shows and movies have been postponed to 2021, and in March 2019, Universal Pictures released a statement saying that they will temporarily pause reports of the box office, due to thousands of theaters being shut down.

The prep prior to filming usually requires cast and crew to sign agreements along with getting tested and staying quarantined if needed. However, issues dealing with false positives have also contributed to delays in release dates. Ten test results from the crew of Jurassic World came back positive, and oddly, a portion of those had a positive result tested negative the very next day, sparking confusion. 

Some sets are creating separate zones and sections to avoid the spread of the virus to people on set with no mask. Netflix says, “I know the soaps are going back and they are socially distancing but that doesn’t work with high-end series. Looking at big crowd scenes, big stunt scenes, all of these require very methodical thought and planning,” (Baker). Even with all safety measures in place, actors are dropping out in fear of returning to work.

When anyone steps on sets, there is an instant temperature check and everyone is required to wash their hands along with reporting any symptoms they may have. After being cleared and permitted to enter the set, all crew members are reminded of social distancing guidelines in addition to rules for keeping protective gear on at all times. Usually, mask-less actors are advised to stay far from others to avoid spread. Celebrity makeup artist Amber Murray says, “At the end of the day, it’s a very intimate job and contact is inevitable, but we’ve all got to work eventually,” (Donnelly). Moreover, artists and musicians have started getting creative, filming music videos, hosting talk shows, and performing shows from home. Drake, John Legend, and Twenty One Pilots are a few among the many that have had to adapt.