Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Influencer Spotlight: Hyram Yarbo

The question for skincare lately has been, “Is it Hyram approved?” Tik Tok and YouTube creator Hyram Yarbro has been sharing his skincare secrets for three years now. 

However, during the beginning of quarantine, as everyone spent more and more of their free time on Tik Tok, Yarbro’s skincare videos gained a massive amount of attention. In the blink of an eye, everyone started talking about Skincare by Hyram. It felt as if the world awoke one morning knowing about Yarbro. 


Yarbro is a twenty-four-year skincare enthusiast who grew up mostly during the Gen-Z era. Many members of Gen-Z are known for promoting all-inclusive confidence within our own skin and opposing unrealistic beauty standardsincluding the expensive prices required to achieve certain standards. 

Many viewers began talking about Yarbro when he stated that the popularity of skincare brands and the names of the brands are less significant than the ingredients in the products. He explained the importance of ingredients, arguing that all skincare products can provide crucial elementseven the products without expensive brand names on them. 

Yarbro creates videos to share his guide to perfect skincare routines. Specifically, he reviews products, expressing his approval or disapproval of their ingredients. 

He is consistent with promoting skincare ingredients and products for all skin types. Yarbro also makes sure to promote affordable skincare.


The drugstore brand CeraVe, founded in 2005, has become one of the most popular and affordable skincare brands. A video in which Yarbro promoted CeraVe gained much recognition on the internet. 

He listed the CeraVe foaming face wash and the Renewing SA Cleanser as two of the best drugstore face washes to use. In addition, he recommended the CeraVe moisturizer due to the ingredients CeraVe includes that are dermatologist-recommended. 

Just like that, almost all CeraVe products were out of stock in stores such as Target and Walmart. The quick growth in CeraVe sales and the selling-out of CeraVe products occurred almost overnight. Even BuzzFeed acknowledged what an impact Skincare by Hyram had. 


Yarbro’s passion for providing skincare routines for all skin types has garnered a fast-growing audience. With the unfortunate events of COVID-19 and the anxious wait to return to an everyday schedule during quarantine, Skincare by Hyram has been a refreshing influencer. Now is the perfect time to find skincare routines that help us take care of ourselves from the inside out, and Yarbro has been a much-needed source to get us started.