Wednesday, May 25, 2022



“Money” Matt Herman, the Making of a “Renaissance Man”

Matt Herman is no stranger to hard work and overcoming obstacles that he has faced throughout his life. Coming from a lower-middle class family Matt knew there were some odds placed against him but he used everything that his father taught him, as a young man and built a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Growing up in a lower-middle-class family, you learned early on in life that if you want something you have to work hard for it. Having that instilled into you at a young age, how has that shaped you as the man we see today?

Growing up in a lower – middle class family this has helped me achieve my goals and where I am today. When I was 11 years old, I lied about my age and started working at the age of 13 years old. I didn’t want to have to ask my parents for money for the things that I wanted like shoes, clothes, and anything that I wanted. I preferred that if I wanted something, I will go get it myself. This taught me at a young age to be on time, to be reliable, to have a great work ethic. I carried this model all the way where I am today.

In 2012, when your father was diagnosed with cancer, how did that effect you?

In 2012 when my father was diagnosed with cancer, I thought my world was coming to an end. Its never easy to lose someone who you love and care about. No one can tell you anything only thing that it can heal you in time. However, it was also painful to watch this happen as I saw myself taking over my fathers business and due to his cancer we were forced to shut down his business, this left me stranded not knowing what direction in business to turn. Ultimately, all I did was take the skills I was taught from my father over several years and applied them in another vertical, leading me to still be successful. It also helped me become a better man and take care of the rest of my family.

What was the best lesson your father taught you in regards to becoming or being a man?

It is impossible to pinpoint one lesson out of the many that I was taught. However, I line sticks out the most is “Don’t get mad, Get even’’. I used to get mad and aggressive and realized its not worth it ever. Take a step back evaluate this situation and put yourself in control. People ask me all the time, even in the most chaotic situations “Matt how are you so calm right now”? the answer is simple I don’t get mad I get even and overcome.

During your transition to the insurance industry, you made the concise decision to work for free to gain the knowledge of the industry, which set you up for your next big achievements. Do you feel there is a disconnect with the younger generation realizing that at times you may have to work for free to get ahead?

I don’t feel like there is a disconnect with our youth and working for free to get ahead. I think there is an disconnect with the way our new generation is being raised by their parents or legal guardians. When raised properly and taught the right lesson I feel the youth excels and gets what they need. However, I think even some adults don’t realize that to get ahead sometimes you need to sacrifice time and hard work to get ahead.

In what other ways do you give back and help the younger generation?

I consider myself a life coach to all the younger generation. I am consistently teaching young adults the importance of good credit, investing, saving money, and growing as a young adult. I mentor and give them advice on all aspects of life. Its incredible to me to see the lack of knowledge that our youth has on credit building, entrepreneurship, banking, credit cards, and just the business basics. I feel if our schools were teaching what I teach our youth would have a much better shot at life.

What inspired you to launch Done Deal Records label? What sets your label apart from other record labels?

I launched Done Deal Records because music has always been my passion. I wanted to prove to myself I can generate as much money in music as I do in any of my other current business. What sets our label apart from the others is definitely, our technology. We are currently building and improving our state-of-the-art technology. I am using technology I have in other industries to wrap around the music industry. We also will need no major labels. Our goal for 2021 is to have the highest independent streams for any albums dropping from independents and I feel with our proven methods we will accomplish this task. We have A list producers in house as well as A list writers and full label support around the clock.

What is next for the ““Money” Matt Herman?”

Next for myself is easy! I am looking to do a full take over in 2021. Prior to 2021 we were allocating resources heavily in the wrong areas. We will be focusing on many heavy digital campaigns. I am also looking to ramp up on the booking and entertainment side by putting together private events with some of the biggest celebrities. Its easy to say this will be a good year.

Thank you so much Matt for speaking with me today! I truly enjoyed our conversation! Make sure you keep up everything because you are doing great work!!! Mat Herman our December Luxe Man Spotlight!