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Fearless, determined and ambitious are only a few words that describe Yoshi Mizrahi, born Melanie Pierce. Yoshi a woman that has defined all odds that the world through at her. From dealing with her mother’s disability as a child from suffering from a skin disorder that at times left her feeling alone in this world. She still rose to the top of becoming a top level executive at ExxonMobil to developing and launching her apps and skin care company. Sitting down and interviewing this phoenix of a woman was an honor!

Thank you for agreeing to being featured in our magazine! We are excited to speak with you. Please tell our readers who is Yoshi Mizrahi?

I’m a Mother of one, US Army Veteran, College Graduate, Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Trovala App, All things perfectly imperfect LLC, and ROI SKINCARE for men. Born and raised native of New Orleans, La

Growing up with a mother who had cerebral palsy and not having a stable environment growing up, most people would have allowed that to overpower their life in a negative way but you did the opposite. What made you decided to not use your upbringing against you but for you?

Growing up I never felt compelled to conform to my environment. I dreaded my circumstances and I did everything in my power to make sure I didn’t become a statistic. I’ve always known I was different, so I had to move different.

Having a skin disorder effects your self-confidence especially as a child and woman but you did not allow that to stop you from becoming a freelance model. What gave you the confidence to say “I’m going to become a model?”

Overcoming my fear of what people thought about me helped me to obtain the confidence I needed to become a model. My personality won a lot of people over and my alter ego clicked on and she never left lol. She helped me become more confident, sociable and outgoing.

Explain to our readers why you choose “All things perfectly imperfect”, as the name of your skincare line? What sets your line a part from the rest?

I chose “ALL THINGS PERFECTLY IMPERFECT” because it’s all of what I am. I’m “perfectly imperfect “and I love it. Men really don’t have too many luxury skincare products for all of their needs. Most companies are focused on beards and hair. My line is a corrective skincare line for all skin tones and colors. It’s medical grade skincare without the prescription, and caters to the entire male being from head to toe.

Our skin is very unique and growing up we didn’t have a lot of skincare companies or products for black skin. Did that have an effect on you to start your own skincare line?

Yes, absolutely! Growing up and even as an adult It was like pulling teeth trying to find a dermatologist in New Orleans who specialized in brown skin, so at an early age it was a goal of mind to create skincare for people who looked like me. I’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to correct my skin issues, buy it only left me more scared and damaged than I started. Chemical peels, bleaching, would burn my skin and leave it frail and paper thin causing bruises and varicose veins. Now I manufacture all natural products that heal, repair and rejuvenate damaged skin and keeps it youthful and fresh.

Being a black women entrepreneur, what were or are some of the challenges you had to face? Because we do face a lot than any other race.

OMG, where do I start? Being a black woman period I think by far is the hardest role on the planet. We have to work one hundred times harder than the next person, even if we are better at what we do than the next person. But it’s ok, because the success is that much more better when we get to the top. Over coming all the obstacles thrown at a black woman can be a gift and a curse. It makes you strong but tears you down at the same time.

If you could go back to the beginning of your career, what are three things that you would tell your younger self?

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t achieve.
Always believe in yourself and never be afraid of your greatness.
God always has your back, even when you feel it’s against the wall.

Everyone should want to leave a legacy behind, what do you want your legacy to be?

No matter what happens in life, you are the captain of your ship and no one else can steer it but you. Take control of your wheel and follow your path!

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