Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Editor’s Letter

2020 has been a year and all of our issues have discussed what has transpired this year. From losing Kobe Bryant, COVID-19, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, BLM protests and the election. All of our mental states were tested and have continued to be pushed to the limits. Dealing with all of this and still having to be parents, go to work every day or losing a job has brought out feelings we all never thought we had to deal with. In dealing with this all we still must have some type or normal. Here a Luxe we will address the issues but also still bring you joy, happiness and more with our covers and content.

2020 showed us as a company that we could handle any changes the world throws at us and will always handle our self to high standard of class, elegance and integrity.  This year has shown us just how determined we are as a brand and that we will take chances even in a pandemic. Yes, we are all waiting to get out of 2020 but remember to be thankful you are still here and that you have overcame so much.

Cover Model: Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, Photographer: Kayla Madonna, Styling: Crystal Renee’ Hayslett
Style Assistant: Dejah Wallace , Hair: Elijah Cohen & Make-up: Elle Artistry Studio x Elina

Our December, cover model BET’s Sista’s actress Crystal Renee Hayslett has shown us that even through this year we must keep going and have faith!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us! Watch us kick more ass in 2021!