Wednesday, May 25, 2022





Luxe Kurves chatted with the rising artist Jacques Johnson from Atlanta. Jacques, who started in music at a young age in high school, never look back. Since then, his music is booming, opening shows for T.I, Jeezy, Migos, and more. Jacques has earned various endorsements, and his TV series titled “Who is Jacques Johnson,” because of his authenticity. Jacques Johnson is the rising star that breaking the stereotype of the typical black male artist. Right now, Jacques’s new song “Quality Time” is taking the world by storm and trending on TikTok.

FPL: Why do you love music?

Jacques: I love every aspect that comes with music. I am huge on performing, recording, and recently I started producing, which has been my big thing. Music is a hobby, but it’s also a business itself. I can express myself in a way that I can. I take my life experiences, analyze it, I put it into my music.

FPL: Who inspired you into music?

Jacques: My go-to artists are Kendrick Lamar and Prince. The way they carry themselves and the way they move throughout the music. For example, when it comes to something they need to do, they get it done.

FPL: What is the message you are sending through your music?

Jacques: Lately, it’s been trying to find the good in little things because that’s why I’ve been doing mostly in 2020. My most recent single, “Quality Time,” is about spending time with the people you love. I want to continue to portray anything that will bring happiness to the world.

FPL: How difficult is it breaking the stereotype of the typical black artist?

Jacques: It’s interesting how it receives by different people from different walks of life. Being an artist from Atlanta, everyone expects you to sound a certain way, look a certain way, or come from a particular story. I don’t know how to be anything that’s not me.

FPL: What kind of people are in your surrounding?

Jacques: Like-minded people that see and want for you, almost more than you want for yourself, someone who already been around me, know what I am trying to do, and believe in the product itself that is being me. Building a team of people that understand what the ultimate goal is. It is a lot of family and friends, but it’s selective to the point where I know I can trust these people.

FPL: You come a long way and still has a lot more to go; what is the key to perseverance?

Jacques: The biggest one for me is continuing to work on your craft and never getting lost in some complacency. For instance, every time I put something, I am always on to the next thing. I try to figure out how to take something and make it even more significant. As far as self-perseverance is about making sure you don’t get lost in the outside stuff, meaning staying true to yourself. Understand that it is a journey, but this is what you asked for.

FPL: When you are opening shows for those big celebrities, how does that make you feel?

Jacques: I am very grateful for those opportunities. I am significant in putting on a show and performing, and it’s all about the music. I give it my all on stage in the hope to leave a remarkable impression.

FPL: Tell us more about your new song?

Jacques: “Quality Time” is a massive one, and it has been doing a lot. The video is published. It was something I had to go out and do. I made the song, which was a little upbeat, happy sounding song. The message behind it was great. In TikTok, the song was getting millions of views because fans were making videos, which inspired the music video.

FPL: Why should people listen to your music?

Jacques: I feel like you’ll get an understanding of me, which will also provoke a sense of the self. Making sure you are not giving up on yourself. Making sure you are finding what it is you want to do and not getting lost.

FPL: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jacques: As far as any venture you want to do, stay true to it and don’t get lost in the process because it will make you stand out. Everything takes time.

Jacques Johnson is an authentic black male artist who is breaking racial stereotypes. Through his crafts, he expresses his life experiences. For him, success takes perseverance and dedication. In 2020, Jacques Johnson tries to find the positive in the little thing, which is what “Quality Time” is about.