Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Are you a Luxe Man? 

When you initially think of a Luxe man, what comes to mind?  A Luxe man is known for being intelligent, having integrity, being family oriented, and, most importantly, is respectful.  The qualities that a Luxe man possesses cannot be taught, but are instead naturally within him.

Actor Michael B. Jordan

Being smart is always a plus, no matter the situation. A man that is a problem-solver, a sharp thinker, and is quick on their feet is always ideal. A smart man has a mind of his own and is not easily influenced. He is not easily swayed  by others no matter the amount of pressure they apply.

Integrity is everything! If a man has integrity that simply means that he is more inclined to do the right thing. A man without integrity is someone that you may not be able to trust.  A true Luxe man does not have to be monitored because you don’t trust him; he’ll be trustworthy even when no one is looking. It is important to watch how he interacts with others and what the ones closest to him think about him. Based on his interactions you’ll learn that maybe he is reliable if he’s asked for important favors.   He’s trustworthy if he can keep a secret and honest if he is always asked for his opinion.  You can truly learn so much based on his interactions with other people. Does he intend to manipulate others, or does he plan to stab someone in the back? The people that are the closest to him usually know him and his character the best.

Chadwick Boseman attends the world premiere of Marvel Studios “Black Panther,” in Hollywood, on Jan. 29, 2018.

The majority of guys are not necessarily known for their communication skills. When a man is in tune with his family and friends and treats them with respect, that’s a good thing. He’ll give his all to help his family. Showing his family great support, giving encouragement, and being their biggest cheerleader is always a key indicator that he is indeed family oriented.

Respect goes a long way because it shows what you think of others. A man that shows respect actually shows acceptance. When someone is respectful it illustrates the ability to accept someone even though they may be different. Respect represents kindness as well because those two qualities tend to go hand in hand. It is crucial to look at how a man treats strangers, how he treats co-workers, and how he interacts with staff at restaurants and other businesses.

African American family watching television together

An ideal Luxe man is composed of many great qualities, and there are so many qualities to choose from. Being smart, family oriented, and respectful as well as having integrity is usually very noticeable. Take the time to observe how he interacts with everyone he comes into contact with. These observations will tell you everything you need to know. Actions are key to discovering what qualities he possesses.