Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Steven Cuoco, the man, the myth, the legend. Coming from a strict upbringing, Cuoco has always had a knack for helping others and creating a no bullsh*t work ethic. Creating his own PR and consulting firm, United Angels Dreams which is dedicated to giving people the right contacts and effective media outreach while staying true to their mission statement.

United Dreams Angels, started off as a dream for Cuoco, but after years of working with different firms and other partners, he decided to take his path into the PR industry.  By starting his own company that is founded on his moral code and dedicated to changing creating a more unique marketing approach for each individual client. His key to success, tailor your marking to each client, not everyone has to do the same TikTok trend or on the same hashtag, individuality is where Cuoco shines.

According to Cuoco, he is receiving more business now because, “People are fighting for individuality, from clothing brands to authors, to musicians, to models…” By encompassing every company or brand as an individual instead of leaching from trends or a knock of some other business is how Cuoco runs his business, being an individual specialist he has managed to grow and strengthen his brand.

“Every [business] tries to find what is their narrative, what their target market is and what is their mission statement, and these are the people we want to attract. But now, it’s a copycat, we live in a world that is just re-run,” Cuoco states.

Studying and researching his passions and other side projects like writing his book, Guided Transformations: Poems, Quotes, and Inspiration has helped him have a more rounded career. Being in touch with his morals and spiritual aspect of his life pushes him to continue to be himself and be ruthless with his career. “When I’m passionate about something… I love to dig, research and know everything,” Cuoco said, when asked about his passions.

Television and podcasts have been the pillar of Cuoco’s growth and passion, starting his radio show, Live on Air with Steven Cuoco on Power 98.5 Satellite Radio is the first and only PR firm represented on the radio. This has been a way for him to share his feelings about where the world of marketing is going and interview people he believes are making a difference. Finding new ways of outreach instead of meeting at events or other gatherings can get stale and stressful, so by pioneering his platform on TV and Radio, Cuoco is able to grow his way on his terms.

Cuoco is a jack of all trades that is faithful to his own brand of going against the grain to give clients and their followers a more wholesome experience and to actually gain something from their presence. Cuoco has also mentored many people to help guide them on their journey to success.

Breaking life’s trend of conformity, Cuoco has established himself as a self-made businessman dedicating his life to helping others find their individual voice in the echo of other social pressures. Moving forward he expects to reach more people and grow through his platforms and spiritual life.