Tuesday, May 24, 2022




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The time has come, and America is geared up to witness its much-hyped 2020 election. Unlike previous elections, this election is surrounded by unique circumstances. Today we’re threatened by a global pandemic which has, to a great extent, changed the usual course of America’s voting system. We cannot but agree that the  election is going to be a close  and  narrow race. But, irrespective of whether Biden confirms his seat in the White House or Trump continues his reign, it is important that you play your part and VOTE! 

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A fallen voting system? Perhaps!

Today, we see a deeply-divided America. Many voters, especially the older at-risk folks, are unwilling to cast their votes in person at poll booths, afraid of catching the dreaded COVID-19 virus. While voting by email was the best suggested alternative in the current situation, this idea has now been caught in a political mess with President Trump expressing his distrust of the process.

Election officials seem to be working extremely hard, completely focused on setting up poll places with proper social distancing measures and loads of sanitizers in stock. Drop boxes are also being set up across the country for those who would be hesitant to visit under-staffed, crowded polling places physically. But, are these measures enough to get anxious Americans to cast their ballot? Indeed, the pandemic has uprooted America’s voting infrastructure, triggering fears and worries in the American people about not just the voting process but the election in general.

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Is distrust among voters on the rise?

If you look back in time, you can’t say that American presidential elections were a clean and smooth affair. They’ve been ugly and a hotbed of mess! Going by statistics, voters’ distrust has been on the rise in the country. Earlier this year, a February Gallup poll revealed that almost three in five Americans don’t believe that elections are honest.

We’ve already witnessed Trump’s publicly-made questions about the election’s legitimacy, claims of fraud, and the country’s history of voter oppression. Trump’s constant antics are, of course, the least of concern for most Americans. The majority is concerned with things like risking a contagion to vote during this COVID-19 crisis, absentee ballots not being received, and fake absentee ballot submissions. Mail ballot fraud and a rigged counting process are a big concern too. These are crucial factors that have the potential to affect the election’s outcome.

Well, the election is  in November. But, with the rising distrust among voters and party enthusiasts alike, the question is will America trust the election results?

It’s time to step up and vote!

Democrats or Republicans, this time? Whether there’s going to be any funny business or not, one of the two will take over the White House in a few weeks.

 Every vote counts. The time is ours to vote for the right representatives to govern us. It’s time to expose the cronies, the racists and the fascists among us, and regain democracy. Vote because they don’t want you to. Vote because you have the right to. Cast a ballot for the issues you truly believe in, for the oppressed, for your family and friends, for communities, for love over hate. Truly, America is a dumpster fire right now. But with a little effort from our part, we can redefine our Constitution. We can put out the fire and maybe even change the world.


Courtney Holimon
Political Contributor