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The day was already set to be successful from the smiles of all who were there. At the beautifully decorated tailor shop Hideoki Bespoke located in the heart of Midtown (Atlanta) CEO, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Luxe Kurves Magazine and Host of the Brandee J Talk Show, Brandee Joyner stands with Creative Director of Luxe Kurves Magazine and Founder and owner of Ova Media Group, Nora Bonds. Also in attendance was close companion Sonfre “So So” Roberson from the Women’s National Football League (WNFL) and model Amina Jennifer. As we stood on the small front porch, we entered the building and were escorted to an elevator that leads us to the day’s shoot.

Stepping out the elevator, the tailor shop’s main room had a glossy hardwood floor and white walls decorated with mannequins dressed in men’s suits. Also in the room was a decorated glass table consisting of ties, handkerchiefs and more. Adjacent to it was the kitchen where caterer Anthony Simms from A Game Cuisine prepared a southern style brunch for all to feast on. Attached to the main room was a viewing room decorated with a couch and tall, black framed ceiling to wall windows. Opposite the other side was a beautifully extended porch.

The hallway was also beautifully decorated and housed three dressing rooms, a half bathroom, and an office with a large walk-in vault and closet with another small porch attached. The shoot was located in the main room where the film crew had begun to set up. Brandee J and the Luxe Man were to be staged in front of a large, flat-screen television that showcased the logo for, The Brandee J Talk Show. Facing opposite of one another were two semi-circled, cow-skin bar chairs
with a low glass table in-between decorated with a silver and gold piece chess set. Bottles of Luc Belaire, a Luc Blaire small car, and items from the tailor shop decorated the scene to where the talk show would be filmed.

Brandee was dressed in a tube top dress decorated in exotic light greens, salmons, oranges, dark blues and more colors. She wore her hair half over the shoulder and down her back and rocked a natural makeup look. This was the look she wore for her introduction and closing of her talk show. For the interview and talk show, Brandee was dressed in a royal blue, below the knee dress designed with a blue belt. Paired with black strappy heels, she wore her long, multicolor box braids down and accessorized with silver hoop earrings and bracelets. She still wore a natural look as her makeup design.

Awaiting the entry of the guest star and Luxe Man 2020, Brandee and Nora did tasks along with. others to prepare for the arrival such as prep the gifts to present at the end for the guest. Nora went about helping model Amina Jennifer prepare for her segment of the photoshoot later in the day. She also worked with the film crew to create a teaser to introduce everyone to the set and what to look forward to next. Brandee stayed in one of the few dressing rooms to read over and practice for the interview later in the day. She said it was very important to make sure the questions she asked weren’t based on things everyone knew but would be beneficial to those who viewed and listened to it.

The time came for the guest star to arrive and the energy in the room became livelier as music related to the guest plays. The guest arrived to his song, “Aston Martin Music” featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele.

Rick Ross entered the building and exited the elevator with his manager and crew and was greeted with smiling faces. Ross was dressed casually in blue basketball shorts, a white tee, gold jewelry, white socks, white sneakers with red laces and sunglasses.

He was then escorted into one of the dressing rooms designated for him where he was then in conversation with Brandee and Nora. Hugs were exchanged and pictures were taken and then he was thanked for being here. They then went into a conversation on the rundown for the day.

When the designated time came to start the interview, everyone was punctual and Brandee was dressed in her blue ensemble and awaited for Ross. Ross entered in at his designated time and was dressed in a plaid jacket, white tee, black bottoms. Black shoes, his signature sunglasses, and silver jewelry.

Brandee then started the interview and did a small acceleration in greeting and introducing Ross. She then proceeded to ask him how he was.

“Wonderful thank you, queen,” Ross said.

She proceeded to explain the reason why Ross was the Luxe Man of 2020 and how she was honored to have him there.

“[At Luxe] we wanted to show men as kings,” said Brandee. From there Brandee went into asking questions submitted by her Luxe team and created by herself. The first question asked was any advice for future and rising entrepreneurs. Ross is known for many acknowledgments such as not only being a rapper but owning his own music label, Maybach Music Group, and owning multiple Wingstop restaurants.

In reply to her question, Ross said, “Simplest as it may seem, follow your heart.”

The next question asked was a fun and lighthearted one in which he was asked what his top 3 R&B albums are. He laughed and replied:

1. Michal Jackson Thriller
2. Sad’s Greatest Hits
3. Curtis Mayfield Superfly

Following that question, Brandee asked what a young artist can do today to becomes successful and/or reach their dream. Ross replied in which it took him 15 years just for his debut single “Hustlin” to come out. When he was first starting out, he was behind the scenes writing lyrics for other people’s raps while on sets. He said that everything was and is in God’s timing.

“Can’t make a move until the big homie says so.” said Ross. He also said that you have to flow and embrace what’s new and, “You have to respect what’s new coming into this game.”

Being in the industry for a while and wanting to do his best for all who reflect him by gender, race and more, he tries to keep things solid and build rather than destroy. He even called out for Black businesses and quoted his song, “Buy Back the Block” featuring 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane. He stated that his music is about supporting Black businesses and that it is time to build back the Black Wall Street.

“[We] can’t be afraid to out of our ways for one another,” said Ross. He mentioned that it can be easy to say, “You didn’t to support be then/when…but now.” but that we have to get out that mindset and support one another.

For Ross, it was always easy for him to show respect due to all the women in his life. He was and is always surrounded by women in his life such as his mother, sister, manager and more. Learning to understand trust from them throughout his life, from that, one can say he loves and cherishes women.

When asked about his next business venture, he said he has a few things in the making so be on the lookout. With the final question of the interview being what does he want his legacy to be, he replied that he wants it to be naturally. He doesn’t want to have a plan for it but to let it happen with a natural flow based on the things he will do.

Concluding the interview, Brandee thanked him and it was a wrap. Following the interview, Ross then proceeded to the adjacent room with the tall, black-framed windows and posed for the onset photographer, Cat Harper. After that, Ross went to his dressing room to change into his next outfit and to be escorted to the next location for the shoot. Dressing in different ensembles such as casual and business, in which model Amina Jennifer joins him, he is posed for the cover of Luxe Magazine’s Luxe man of 2020.

Wrapping up the photoshoot, Ross sadly had to depart to attend another function. On his way out, he was presented with his gift of a Luxe Man snapback, Luxe Man shirt, and a custom made Luxe Kurves jacket. He again thanked Brandee and called her a queen as he took his exit.

The day was overall successful and one to remember. This is only just the beginning of what Luxe Kurves Magazine and The Brandee J Talk Show has in store for the rest of this year and many more years to come.