Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Inktober – a month long, social media challenge and opportunity for artists to display their work created exclusively with pen ink. The October challenge involves a daily drawing prompt for every day of the month, where artists upload their creations across social media platforms.  Jake Parker, creator of Inktober, began the challenge in 2009, and the trend has blossomed since. In light of his success, Parker released plans to publish a guide to drawing in ink, Inktober All Year Long. Described as a “Nuts and Bolts” guide to ink drawing, Parker’s guide offers exercises and detailed instructions for artists of all skill levels. However, as we enter October, consider the controversy that has recently arisen surrounding the global trend.

On August 28th Parker came forward on Twitter to discuss the plagiarism accusations of his book content, originally brought to light by Alphonso Dunn. Dunn claims that Parker’s book was heavily influenced by his 2015 book, Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide, including exercises, images, and eerily similar phrases. Dunn exposed these curious similarities in a nearly hour long video.

Parker has received criticism for his public apology, as he criticizes Dunn for going public with his claims before reaching out to Parker individually. Although Parker dismisses all accusations, the similarities between the two guidebooks are particular, down to an almost identical exercise of drawing specific textures on cube shapes.

The Inktober challenge celebrates artists, from amateur sketchers to veteran creatives. As Parker stated in 2019, the October challenge was created to “promote creativity and [strengthen] community”. As always with ethical controversies, Luxe Kurves encourages readers to research, form their own opinions, and acknowledge the issue before posting their art.