Thursday, May 26, 2022



“You guys gotta get out and vote!”

“Right now, there is nothing more important than voting.”

“America’s youth, if you want a better future, you have to vote now!”

At this point, every young person in America has heard the call to vote. Amidst a pandemic and ever-growing racial frustrations, the undeniable truth is that it is an election year feels like a surreal joke. American politics are growing to become more and more sensationalized into a twisted celebrity name-calling contest. The first presidential debate was implicit proof of that, no matter the side one may be on.

So, why bother? Why should we care about a political scene that has become so monstrously contorted that we cannot even recognize it anymore? This all has to be a joke right? Young people in America should not have to worry about voting when our largest concerns nowadays are avoiding a life-ending virus and whether or not our justice system will kill one of us or our loved ones, right?  Wrong. 

As scary and unfathomable as the state of our country is, it has only made the urgency to vote greater.

Democracy gives power to the powerless. And right now, the powerless, the countless citizens who feel like you and I do, are feeling more powerless than ever before. But that notion is exactly what our country was built upon. For all of the scars and sins along our checkered past, we live in a country where we have some power to change our current foundation. And that power comes in the form of voting. Speak out. Make even just a small push towards change. Right now, whether this is your first time voting or you have not for a long time, that power could not be more crucial.

Do you want something more to be done about the virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans and counting? Vote.

Do you want real change to be made about the violence and hatred that has targeted minorities across this country for decades? Vote.

Do you want women’s rights to be upheld? Vote.

Do you want the very democracy that even gives you the ability to do this one small act of change to be saved? Vote.

This election does not just decide the president, it decides countless factors and positions that will affect our country for the next 4 years and far, far beyond that.

We have all felt powerless this year. 2020 has felt like an unconquerable challenge. But we have a choice this year, a power given to us that will decide how 2021 and beyond will look.

Take that power.

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