Wednesday, May 25, 2022



A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday found Biden up by 12 points nationally, tied among men, but up 59%-36% among women, which would be the widest margin among women for any presidential candidate in exit polls dating to 1976. It is yet another proof point that beating the Trumpist agenda at the ballot box is going to come down to the power of women, and the nationwide #CountonUs marches on October 17th will be a galvanizing moment heading into an election where everything is on the line.

Our base has already announced 400  marches in all 50 states, with ~116,000 pledges to march on October 17th(including a golf cart parade at The Villages, FL). Together, we are organizing the high-impact actions in the right places to maximize our reach, turn out voters, and win where it counts.

At a moment when we need a show of force from women, our people are showing up. Because this is what Women’s March does best: we deliver the people power of everyday women. For Women’s March, that doesn’t just mean boots on the ground. It also means harnessing the power of our large and diverse base – women of every age, of every race, from every part of the country – to reach and engage voters in key states.

The Trump Administration’s mind-blowingly incompetent mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the GOP’s brazen disregard for human life, including the now-infamous White House super spreader event, appear to have further supercharged and coalesced the role women will play on November 3rd:

Women have had enough. We will send that message clearly on October 17th, and again, even more resoundingly, on November 3rd, with Women’s March providing the support, infrastructure, and resources needed to be as effective as possible and get the job done.


It was true on Day 1, and it’s true today: Women’s March is leading massive resistance to Donald Trump and the Trumpist agenda, and mobilizing the power of women to reshape our politics:

  • Since we announced the March less than two weeks ago, ~116,000 supporters have pledged to march or participate in virtual actions on October 17th.
  • Our base has already announced 400 sister marches across all 50 states, including a golf cart parade at The Villages, Florida.
  • 6,500 active Women’s March volunteers have exchanged over 3.5 million texts with women voters in key states, with plans to text another 5 million on our day of action this week.
  • In just two days, volunteer texters sent over 700,000 texts to voters in key presidential swing states and states that will decide control of the Senate. 
  • When Women’s March called on its members across the US to honor Justice Ginsburg in their own communities, 7,874 people signed up to host a vigil on courthouse steps across the country in less than 24 hours.


The power of women is the driving force in American politics. At Women’s March, our single issue is building and mobilizing the power of women, especially women brand new to activism. At Women’s March our organization and our base have evolved together, and we are proud to be responsive, flexible, welcoming, growing. We knit together everyday women to harness their power for all of our survival. We see ourselves as air traffic controllers, directing support, people power, expertise, tools, and other resources across the ecosystem of organizations who share our commitment to building the power of women

In less than four years, we have become one of the biggest on ramps into 21st century feminist action. Because of who our base is, how it is powered, and how our organization was built, we are uniquely positioned to speak to people who aren’t already in our movement or politically engaged. Over a third of our base is working class or working poor women who have been newly activated by the excesses and abuses of the radical right wing agenda. In fact, 70 percent of new supporters who join Women’s March have never marched or engaged in any significant political activism before. Our electoral and other programmatic efforts are powered by a grassroots, small dollar fundraising base with an average contribution of $20.88.


On October 17th, we will come together across the country to flex our collective muscle and send a clear message that we will do whatever it takes to defend our rights. Immediately following the death of Justice Ginsberg, Facebook groups formed calling for a nationwide day of action – some groups were as large as 700,000 members. The nationwide #CountonUs marches on October 17th are first and foremost about mobilizing the vote, and we have taken every effort to make the march a vehicle for electoral action and voter contact.

For instance, the text-a-thon: We looked at the iconic photos of the first Women’s March in January 2017 – everyone marching had their sign in one hand and their phone in the other. We are capitalizing on that with a mass, Jerry Lewis style text-a-thon into the swing states that matter most. This isn’t about a photo op in the Hart Senate Building, this is about changing hearts and minds with the voters who will determine state-wide outcomes in the states that matter most in the fight for the White House and the Senate majority.

We are also releasing a comprehensive toolkit on how to plan a march – from those who want to organize a massive display of resistance to those who want to gather together in their community. All of our efforts will be putting forward our messages around voting, getting friends and loved ones to vote, and making our voices heard through gathering as appropriate in the time of a pandemic.


At Women’s March, we’re doing far more than taking to the streets – we’re organizing and mobilizing the power of women to reshape our politics. That means calling on our uniquely large and diverse base to make the difference in key swing states. 

As part of this effort, we’ve created a Volunteer Hub where supporters can sign up for weekly events, including text banks every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday; Thursday phone banks to defeat Lindsay Graham; and Sisterhood Sundays, when we ask Women’s Marchers to triple their vote by turning out three women in their networks.

Women’s March supporters are also volunteering to serve as Digital Defenders, debunking myths on the internet and combating the spread of hate and ignorance on social media. Digital Defenders are trained on how to engage on social media to defend and support progressive values, and stop misinformation at the source before it goes viral. 560 Digital Defenders have been trained so far, with more trainings scheduled in advance of Election Day.


Source: Women’s March Press