Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Are powerful women asked out as much as women who are more on the meek side? Not many people think so. In fact, some women do not want to become too powerful because they might seem too intimidating and thus, not find their match as easily as the quieter
ones might.

But is being powerful a hindrance to one’s love life? Not necessarily. Sometimes women prefer to keep their power and work at the forefront of their minds and jobs, so relationships might come in second or third place on their priority list. Other times,
women might have a specific ideal person in mind, and when they can’t find that person, there’s no possibility of a relationship.

So is it that powerful women aren’t asked out enough or that their standards are
different? There shouldn’t be a blanket statement that all powerful women don’t get asked out often enough. But an observation is that it is more rare to see a powerful, self-made woman on a date than those who are more reserved in showing their power. When it comes down to it, if you are a woman who is motivated, has a strong drive, and is strong and independent, usually you don’t need to find that man or woman in order to lead your happy life and find success and joy in your own way.

Self-made women are self-made and don’t necessarily need someone by their side.

So often, that’s what people see when they look at powerful women. It’s what makes
them back up because they know that the woman will be herself, and will be as amazing and powerful as she is with or without someone. But that doesn’t mean she should be without a partner.

The truth is that the man or woman that the powerful woman can pick varies based on
personal choice. Often, people assume that the man needs to be the protector and provider, but some women want a more balanced home life and seek a gentler, calmer spirit in a mate. If there is a powerful woman in your life and you feel as though you might be too weak for her or that she might overpower you, understand that it is okay to love someone who is strong without necessarily being strong yourself.

A powerful woman is a strong asset to any environment. These women have overcome
obstacles, issues, and problems. They are self-made and self-mastered. These powerful
women are forces to be reckoned with and joys to be around. No amount of love they get in this world will reflect how much they mean to our society today.

This world is built on powerful women and their contribution to our society.

Markey Battle Sr. Lifestyle Contributor
Markey is a senior at Liberty University where she is studying both English and theatre. Her passions include reading as much as she can, health and fitness, and cooking. She has an enormous love for writing and wants to continue to craft words for the rest of her life.