Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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 For the last few years, fitness influencers across social media platforms have been promoting waist slimmers, claiming to increase sweat production in the abdomen area and localize fat reduction. However, when a fitness trend arises, Luxe promotes thorough research and fact checking. “Fitness” is achieved through a balanced lifestyle, therefore we must be skeptical of any single  product that claims to solve our aesthetic concerns.

Don’t sweat it

Waist sweat bands like Sweet Sweat, claim to slim your belly area; however, there is no evidence that a sweat band alone will help reduce body fat. It does increase sweat production and help you sweat out the water weight during use… but this is a temporary fix and could be possibly dangerous! Because the sweat under the band cannot evaporate, you risk overheating during your workout and dropping dangerously low in electrolytes.

Exercise caution

Lightweight exercise waist-bands offer back support during workouts and help maintain tension and activation in the core. However, refrain from using them during core exercises as you will compromise your proper form during the movement, possibly harming yourself along the way.  If back support is your goal for using a waist trainer, consider using a weightlifting belt instead! These belts alleviate strain from your back while activating your core, especially during heavy leg exercises. 

In a study conducted in May 2019, a group of 223 men decreased their waistline moderately over a 12 week period while wearing an exercise “Smart belt”. However, the participants of the study were encouraged to wear the belt for long periods of the day versus just during workouts, as many sweat-belts are advertised.. In addition, a smaller waistline does not necessarily mean a decrease in body fat; its predicted that fat may be displaced, moving towards the hips as a result of the compression “Smart Band”

A waist of time?

We are all guilty of trying out fitness fads, promising to tighten our tummies or help us achieve our overall aesthetic goals. However, we know — whether we want to believe it or not — that there is no “end all be all” fitness, beauty, or health product. Take care of your body.