Sunday, July 3, 2022
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While sitting at home, watching TV, Tik Tok, or reading a book you may be getting antsy about what to wear life after quarantine when the sun is shining, you are out with your friends taking pictures and having fun. Well in this new age of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) lifestyle many people have started to revamp their wardrobe in fun and ethical ways. 

Some new trends include recycling old scrap fabrics by making bucket hats, bags, shirts, skirts and much more, some are even bleaching old clothes to give them an edgier look and some are simply starting from scratch and creating beautiful dresses and other extravagant pieces. 

Many have even started to teach viewers how to create elaborate dresses and other garments. Sarah Hambly a dressmaker who has flourished on Tik Tok makes dresses for all sizes of women. Her designs range from whimsical gowns to playful sundresses, she has even created wedding dresses for some of her clients. No matter what dress it is she always has a video uploaded on her Tik Tok, YouTube, and photos on Instagram. 

Denzel also known at Currie Goat of social media has created his own clothing line with his signature artistic twist. On Socia Media, Currie Goat shows his behind the scenes of his rug making and painting his designs on clothes. He is known for his unisex clothing and inclusive sizing. 

Moe Black a plus size creator has even dropped her own clothing line that is inclusive to all. Her main following from Tik Tok where she posts outfit inspiration content and takes her followers behind the scenes of her clothing journey. 

There are many trends and content creators that are teaching people how to be sustainable by creating your own clothes. It is important to remember that no matter what trend or video you see, you have the power to wear and make what you want. 

Following new trends and styles is always fun but creating your own gives you the power to determine how you want your clothes to look and fit. Do not forget to check out and support other content creators. Good luck with your DIY!