Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Nowadays, with more of our days spent at home Netflix and chilling rather than going out and glamming it up, there’s nothing quite like the nostalgia of watching our old favorite TV shows. There’s a warm, familiar comfort we can find in our favorite shows and characters when we’re stuck on the couch, wishing we could go out again. Just look to all of the recent Zoom reunions of TV and movie casts for evidence of how much more our craving for nostalgia has heightened in 2020.  Part of that comfort is getting to relive the glory days of fashion years past, a time when we could go out when we wanted rocking flared pants and platform shoes. Luckily, Netflix has us covered right now. Throughout the Summer and Fall, Netflix is slowly releasing a slew of the best black sitcoms of the ‘90s. The timing could not be more perfect for us to relive the glory days of the best black fashion of the ‘90s. So to celebrate, let’s take a look at the iconic looks of these classic shows.

Sister, Sister

Definitely, one of the most popular sitcoms apart of Netflix’s new lineup, Sister, Sister was known for fashion looks that defined the ‘90s for girls everywhere. Sister, Sister focused on the lives of two twin sisters, Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell. Separated at birth through adoption, they stumble upon each other at the age of 14.The chance reunion provides an opportunity for them to live together and get to know one another. The stars of the show, real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, have become icons in their own right, and their timeless looks are no small part of that. Seen often in eye-catching headwear, snazzy color combinations, and lots of denim that defined the decade, Tia and Tamera wore fashion getups that were admired by all in the ‘90s.


While Sister, Sister was aimed at more of a younger audience, Moesha was loved by older teens and young adults. The show centered on a black teenage girl named Moesha Mitchell and her family living in Los Angeles and aimed to show a more realistic picture of life for black families and teenagers. It also put some of the best styles of the ‘90s on display, with young stars like Brandy Norwood and Ray J showing off some truly hot looks. Perhaps the most iconic part of the fashion of Moesha was Moesha’s hairstyles. She was not afraid to show off unique hairstyles that dazzled, such as her inventive uses of her braids. Moesha truly showed audiences how beautiful black hair is.


Girlfriends aired a little later in the early 2000s but is no less popular or influential for black looks. This sitcom was more of a Friends style show that focused on the lives and friendships of 4 black women working their way through the world. Putting the lives, work, and love of black women fully on display, Girlfriends proved that people wanted to see  African-American women’s stories on primetime television. It also was no stranger to showing off the beauty of black women, as each one of the four main cast members served looks in every episode. Often sporting sleek, upscale dresses or subtle yet stylish casual wear, the ladies of Girlfriends boasted some of the most refined looks in all of TV Land.

The Parkers

Sometimes you have a story and characters so good, and the world  needs more of it. That was the case with The Parkers, a spin-off of Moesha focusing on Moesha’s best friend Kim Parker going to college with her mother, Nikki. Starring Countess Vaughn and the charismatic Mo’Nique, The Parkers was popular for featuring a loving and highly entertaining relationship between a black mother and her daughter as she entered the adult world. Even more noteworthy, The Parkers focused on the lives and stories of plus-sized women of color and used their looks to highlight the beauty of these women. Mo’Nique is known for loud and proud fashion statements, and her character is no different here. Her and her daughter, played by Vaughn, use the fashion of their sitcom to show that plus-sized bodies of color are beautiful too.

Need some inspiration for a new fit or something to dazzle your friends post-Corona? These throwback sitcoms are a nostalgia-fueled way to seek out ideas. Netflix is streaming new black sitcoms of the ‘90s and 2000s through October, so be on the lookout for some eye-popping fashion from yesteryear