Wednesday, May 25, 2022




It’s safe to say that many people during this quarantine have committed to reshaping their bodies through all kinds of ways from eating healthy to working out to having a set schedule. While many have committed to this goal of looking better mainly due to the lack of other things to do during the stay-at-home period, why should we only work on ourselves? Is it because we suddenly have the time to?

I’ve met and know people who have made a lifestyle of working out and eating healthy regardless of their jobs and personal life. Working out and staying fit is something that is always recommended today. Working out helps our body physically and mentally. It allows us to have a goal and want to reach it. When we see results, we see a better version of ourselves. Who doesn’t want to see that? Those same results can lead to positive outcomes in our health as well.

There are many health concerns that continue to skyrocket due to the lack of healthy lifestyles and doctor visits. Not only do we have to worry about the COVID-19 but obesity Is a growing problem that men and women are facing. We should recognize how little time we are putting into ourselves and correct that. Our body and mind should always be our first priority. No amount of working hours should stop us from seeing that.  

Many people think that going to the gym is the only way to work on ourselves and our bodies, but that’s not true. There are a million ways to work out and a gym isn’t needed. After all, where have we been working out during quarantine? From backyards to a home gym or even a morning jog by a park, workouts can be done just about anywhere! It has been wonderful to have the lockdown prove to us that workouts and healthier life choices are achievable. But what will happen when this precious time is shortened?

We are growing every day, and working on ourselves shouldn’t be temporary. Our jobs are opening up again and the lockdown is slowly but surely being lifted. It’s essential to stay in the mindset of working on ourselves even with our jobs. They shouldn’t distract us from being healthy and thinking of ourselves. 

Let’s not just work out and eat healthier only for the time being. Let’s continue to thrive in our body goals. Let’s continue to prosper to see our better selves through our busy lives.